Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama administration's foreclosure policy symbolizes his subservience to financial interests

In a new report Thursday, RealtyTrac, Inc., a housing-research organization, reported the number of foreclosure filings – default notices, scheduled auctions, and bank repossessions – totaled a record 360,149 in July. This represents a rise of 7 percent from June and up 32 percent from a year ago.
The rising level of foreclosures recently prompted the Obama administration to ask executives of the major mortgage servicing companies to Washington. The administration has been trying to get the banks to voluntarily do loan modifications to reflect lower home prices.
But that may change. Banks and other mortgage servicers were staffing up in their foreclosure departments, DataQuick noted. “There were all sorts of paperwork backlogs,” he says. “We have to be ready for a burst of new filings.”

In case it hasn't sunk in yet, the homeless crisis is deliberate, and is part and parcel of the deliberately-created economic crisis. For example, see We Accuse the U.S. Government of Causing a Homeless Epidemic. (Street Spirit provides many useful insights into how the system ostensibly set up to help the homeless actually abuses them.) Obama's wheedling is just for show. If he really meant it, he'd enact something like LaRouche's HBPA, but he works for the people who have deliberately caused the crisis to create hell on earth.

But it gets worse. Not only does the government deliberately cause homelessness, while pretending to be sympathetic to the homeless, but it also feeds the homeless to organized Satanism, which evidently manages HUD apartments, or at least some of them. (It's an interesting name: "Urban" converts to 56, then 11, the number of black magic. Satanists apparently believe that they're being "developed" into black magicians.) "Inspections" which are actually forms of SRA are routinely conducted in HUD apartments, while problems that are obvious even without violating anyone's privacy are ignored, and the apartment complexes are allowed to fall apart. In some cases, they are allowed to deteriorate to the point where everyone has to be evicted and the complex is demolished. HUD complexes are also notorious for all sorts of disturbances, which I assume are scripted and staged by Satanists.

There have recently been proposals for such things as tent cities and areas where people can sleep in their cars, to handle the recent increases in the numbers of homeless people, which HUD understates immensely. If there were an actual economic recovery effort, these would be shot-term arrangements until something better could be arranged, but they would be a big and immediate improvement for many homeless people. Various governments have claimed to be considering them, but nothing has been done. Instead, they allow the obviously inferior status quo to continue, probably mainly because the whole point of creating the economic crisis is to cause death and suffering, and because they don't want those in a position to do something to become alarmed by the sight of so many homeless gathered together.