Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Peacock shows its Union Jack tattoo

On August 19th, NBC Nightly News aired a brief bit of video taken at Fannie Frank's latest town hall meeting. In the video, Frank was castigating a member of the LaRouche Youth Movement for comparing Obama to Hitler, which is based on the fact that his "healthcare reform" includes an independent board to make health care decisions based on the desire to kill as many people as possible behind a fig leaf of "cost effectiveness." (I don't know why he's so intent on killing people with health care policies, since his economic policies will kill the majority of mankind by themselves. Maybe they figure that if they let Nazi doctors run amok in our health care system, the banks will spare us utter destruction, not realizing that their real goal is to create an Orwellian fascist world order.)

Anyways, that's all NBC showed. They didn't provide time for the LYM member to respond, nor did they explain the basis for comparing Obama to Hitler. But they did state that LaRouche is behind the comparison, and insinuated that he's part of the "tin-foil hat league." Of course NBC, which has been trying to brainwash us into believing that the bailout (in which Frank played a key role) is working, didn't say anything about LaRouche's economic forecasts or policies. By trying to destroy LaRouche's influence, and trying to make Barney Bailout look good, NBC has shown its true British colors, about 20 years after it played a major part in railroading LaRouche into prison.