Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phoenix murder-dismemberment: warning to Satanism-exposers?

After having sufficient time to mull over the recent case in Phoenix of murder, dismemberment, and possible torture (the signs of torture might have been inflicted after the victim had died, and the body burned to make it difficult to tell), it occurred to me that this crime might have been largely intended as a warning to those who "snitch" on Satanism, such as myself. Satanists cannot operate in the open, so they don't like it when someone penetrates their smokescreens and exposes them. If they just wanted to get rid of a snitch, they would have just killed him, and they would have done a better job of disposing his body.

The person charged with the crime, Angela Simpson, might have been coerced into luring the victim into a trap and into confessing to the crime as a result of threats to her children.