Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Satanism unbridled

Someone who knows of my interest in exposing Satanism forwarded this to me:

PHOENIX -- Phoenix police say they have made an arrest in the brutal murder of a man whose body was dismembered and stuffed into a trash can that was then set on fire.

Investigators say Angela Simpson, 33, was behind the killing of Terry Neely, whose body was found on Aug. 5.

Simpson reportedly thought Neely was a snitch working with law enforcement. [This is obviously a lame cover story. For example, if that's all it was, and she had reason to believe that he had snitched on her or someone who knew her, then she should have realized that it wouldn't take long for the police to figure out who was behind it.]

She told police that she lured Neely inside an apartment near Peoria and 12th avenues by offering sex.

Once inside the apartment, police say Simpson began beating Neely with a tire iron and hammer. She also pulled out his teeth and strangled him with a television cable.

She said she tortured Neely for three days.

According to autopsy results, Neely sustained multiple blunt-force head injuries and a 3-inch nail had been driven or hammered into his brain. He was also stabbed approximately 50 times, his throat was sliced and he was dismembered.

Simpson admitted that she dismembered Neely and placed him in a trash can. She borrowed a car and drove to a church at Ninth and Peoria avenues and set the trash can on fire.

[end of excerpt]

This could be a case of a rogue Satanist or wizard wannabe who couldn't wait to be like her hero, Harry Potter, or it could be a sign that organized Satanism is allowing more advanced SRA to be perpetrated inside the US as the anticipated disintegration of civilization approaches, just to see if anyone realizes what it is. The perpetrator obviously didn't realize that in the next world, she will experience what she did to this poor man in the pursuit of supposed initiation into black magic, which is actually intended to open her soul to demonic possession.