Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dark Age cometh - to "save the banks"

I can't imagine a much better symbol of what the bankers are doing to this country than that contained in Repo Man Visits an Illinois Police Dept. This is sheer insanity.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Senate vote proves that "death panels" are part of "healthcare reform"

"September 25, 2009 (LPAC)-- On Wednesday, an amendment introduced by Senator Cornyn (R-Tex) to remove the provision in the Baucus bill for a T-4 Medical Commission (IMAC), was defeated, with all the Democrats led by Jay Rockefeller, plus one Republican, Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), voting for this Hitler policy.

"Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement: Those, including Snowe and Rockefeller, who voted for IMAC are actually proposing Hitler's policy. They have to be confronted forcefully with that fact. By so voting, they have put themselves in the same category as Hitler. If Olympia Snowe and Jay Rockefeller stick to this, they are in the same category as Adolf Hitler. There is no difference.

"IMAC is a British idea. The British are the inventors of this crap. They were the authors of Hitler's T-4 policy. They then adopted that policy in the form of NICE in Britain itself, and now they are trying to ram this Hitler policy through in the U.S."

So, who's a liar, President Obama?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Striking similarity between 8th Sphere agenda and Reesian agenda

"But in this same epoch human beings will have to battle against attacks of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic [Satanic] powers that will be stronger than those launched in the days of Greek and Roman culture. Again in this later epoch the aim of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers is to alienate the souls of men from earthly life on the one hand, and on the other so to mechanize earthly life itself, TO MAKE ITS OUTER FORM SO ENTIRELY MECHANISTIC, that it would be impossible for the ego of man to live in the social order of the Earth. He would therefore take leave of it to enter a life apart from the Earth upon a separate planet." [the Eighth Sphere]. Rudolf Steiner, Inner Impulses of Evolution, Lecture 5 [emphasis added] (This is the first statement on my website's home page.)

"This network is designed, fundamentally, to maintain class rule, to whatever level of viciousness demanded by capitalist economic necessity, by means of mass persuasive techniques capable of the irreversible destruction of the creativity of the working class and the re-shaping of workers' behavior into the appropriate MACHINE-LIKE PATTERNS, without the development of new ideological forms such as fascism. Since the 1930's, John Rees and the small circle of psychiatrists around him, with Rockefeller money, had consciously developed that capability, and, by 1946, had sold, literally, that capability and the growing network to implement it to the Rockefeller faction of American capital." [emphasis added]

from Low Intensity Operations: The Reesian Theory of War (From The Campaigner Unbound website) [emphasis added]

I didn't notice the phrase "machine-like patterns" when I prepared this article for The Campaigner Unbound, or I would have already pointed out this stunning correlation between the 8th Sphere agenda revealed by Rudolf Steiner and the Reesian agenda exposed by LaRouche and on display particularly at Guantanamo. This Reesian war on the mind takes other forms, including "political correctness" which is a more subtle form of brainwashing. A prime example of this is the insistence that we behave as if excess CO2 is causing global warming, despite the lack of any good evidence that global warming is occurring.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The only authentic translation of Timaeus, digitally remastered

Almost 30 years after it was first published, the only authentic translation of Plato's Timaeus is now available in a digitally remastered version, along with the introduction by Lyndon LaRouche, who commissioned the translation. Fortunately, the PDF-image source files were run through a character-recognition program before they were put on-line, and fairly accurate text can be extracted a column at a time by pressing the ALT key and selecting the text in the usual manner. Then it's just a matter of copying, pasting to a word processor, reformatting it and cleaning it up.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Interesting timing of latest release by The Beatles

It is probably no accident that The Beatles' digitally remastered recordings were released on 9/9/09, considering that this date becomes 60/6/6 when rotated 180 degrees, i.e. 60-60-60 degrees. There is considerable evidence that members of The Beatles were "fans" of Aleister Crowley's, although it appears to me that they were just used for purposes of popularizing Crowley (according to the Satanic Roots of Rock, the Process Church - a front for organized Satanism - sought them out), and were not witting Satanists. I doubt they understood the full implications of what they were popularizing.

It is probably also no accident that the remasters were released just before the cannabis-harvesting season, when fresh pot with high potency will be hitting the streets. As exposed by The Satanic Roots of Rock, there is a tight connection between the rock music industry and the British Empire's drug industry. So, at a time when people need to be focused on economic solutions, a lot of them will be getting stoned to hear "new revelations" from The Beatles and to escape from the reality largely caused by escaping from reality.

So, if you must hear the latest recordings, just turn up the volume instead of "turning on" with potentially brain-destroying drugs. Another recommendation would be to wait for the high-resolution versions so that you can hear them without any nagging remnants of digital decimation/interpolation filters in the audible frequency range, which would make it easier to listen through the recording process to the music, or at least to whatever is recorded on those master tapes.

Doncaster boys from hell hoax

I removed my earlier entries on the supposed Doncaster [99] boys from hell when I realized that the whole thing is a hoax, because there's no point in having people read what amounts to me thinking out loud. None of my earlier conclusions were absurd, considering the direction civilization is headed, although it hasn't yet reached that stage on a widespread basis. So, they were darker than justified by the current state of civilization. My final conclusion is posted on a blog devoted to the subject in hopes that a blog-search will take people right to it. I think that readers can fill in the blanks and draw conclusions about the various institutions involved in the hoax.

One motive for the hoax is apparently to provide impetus to the British campaign to reduce population as can be seen in the supposedly candid comments from supposed readers below articles on the supposed Doncaster boys from hell.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Volker exposes "private advisors" within Obama administration

In my previous entry, I wrote that our de facto economic system consists mainly of a combination of official central-bank-controlled feudalism and private "socialism," i.e. charity. When our government threatens to resort to anything resembling the American System, the bankers and their lackeys froth at the mouth.

Luckily for me, LPAC published an article on the same day which supports this claim. It quotes former Fed chairman Paul Volker, who has become one of the voices of sanity in Washington, making the following statement:

"The influence of money and lobbies on Washington has reached a shameful level. Not to mention the fact that, since many Treasury nominees have not been confirmed by Congress, Geithner is surrounded by private advisors. Eight months into the new administration, the Treasury does not yet have a staff of [its own] officials. And this raises the question of using informal advisors who come from Wall Street. It should not happen."

[end of excerpt]

These "private advisors" are agents of the feudalists behind the central banks. I surmise that Obama's "behaviorist economists" act as a buffer between these de facto economic policy dictators and the American people, and that one of their functions is to brainwash us to go along with policies which have been proven to be destructive.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dark age breaking out into the open in Britain

“Her comments follow the publication of figures showing nearly three million children still live below the bread line in Britain. Ministers admitted there was little chance of hitting their target to half child poverty by 2011.
“Mrs Ward, a primary school teacher from Doncaster, said Labour had ‘tried hard on this issue’ but had failed to fill the vacuum left by the death of the mining and manufacturing industries in many working-class communities.

“She said it meant a ‘small, significant and growing minority’ of children were being raised in families with low expectations and a level of poverty ‘mirroring the times of Dickens‘. It suggests some communities are living in conditions commonly seen in Victorian England.”

The government can’t get their story straight - in a free market economy, “the market” is supposed to take care of everything, and all government has to do is get out of the way (except when the all-important, omniscient market needs a bailout). In reality, they‘re puppets of “the market,” i.e. the financial oligarchy which deliberately caused the economic collapse. Their supposed efforts to improve things are just smokescreens for dismantling the remaining protections from the oligarchy and propping up its bubbles. What we really have is mainly a combination of official central-bank-controlled feudalism and private “socialism,” i.e. charity, which is often controlled by Satanists to provide them with opportunities to give the lion’s share to fellow Satanists and to inflict cruelty upon non-Satanists. Another term for this is “faith based” charities - we just assumed they meant faith in God.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

British re-invasion, joint session of Congress, on 9-9-9

I guess you might call it "big hoopla day" on which we got to hear canned garbage (Obama's speech before a joint session of Congress, Beatles remasters) in high-quality digital audio. If you rotate the 9's in the date 180 degrees, you might get a sense that they're probably actually celebrating the end-phase of a process started by the original "British invasion," i.e. Satan's potential imminent victory over mankind, and ganging together for the final push, or coup de grace.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Afghani" bombers?

"Private security contractors guarding America's embassy in Kabul dressed as mujahedin fighters and went out on unauthorised night-time military operations in the Afghan capital, according to reports being investigated by the US State Department.

The dossier, seen by The Independent, tells how 18 guards, who are not trained for such missions, exposed the embassy to attack by taking weapons from its armoury. By removing night-vision goggles, they also left embassy staff "largely night-blind" in the event of an emergency, the reports adds."

What exactly did they do on these missions? Plant roadside bombs? Considering their recently-exposed Satanic debauchery, I'd put nothing past them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Club Hell Fire in Kabul

The depraved activity conducted by private military contractors (Dark Dick's children) at the US embassy in Kabul (see for example Animal House in Afghanistan) is a variation on the orgiastic type of activity conducted by the outermost circles of Satanism in order to open their souls to an initial form of possession characterized by a "Nietzschean superman" attitude, which facilitates SRA and the descent into demonic possession. This is one of the reasons for the insane "war" in Afghanistan, besides the higher-level motives which LaRouche recently cited in his definitive statement on this "war."