Friday, September 11, 2009

Dark age breaking out into the open in Britain

“Her comments follow the publication of figures showing nearly three million children still live below the bread line in Britain. Ministers admitted there was little chance of hitting their target to half child poverty by 2011.
“Mrs Ward, a primary school teacher from Doncaster, said Labour had ‘tried hard on this issue’ but had failed to fill the vacuum left by the death of the mining and manufacturing industries in many working-class communities.

“She said it meant a ‘small, significant and growing minority’ of children were being raised in families with low expectations and a level of poverty ‘mirroring the times of Dickens‘. It suggests some communities are living in conditions commonly seen in Victorian England.”

The government can’t get their story straight - in a free market economy, “the market” is supposed to take care of everything, and all government has to do is get out of the way (except when the all-important, omniscient market needs a bailout). In reality, they‘re puppets of “the market,” i.e. the financial oligarchy which deliberately caused the economic collapse. Their supposed efforts to improve things are just smokescreens for dismantling the remaining protections from the oligarchy and propping up its bubbles. What we really have is mainly a combination of official central-bank-controlled feudalism and private “socialism,” i.e. charity, which is often controlled by Satanists to provide them with opportunities to give the lion’s share to fellow Satanists and to inflict cruelty upon non-Satanists. Another term for this is “faith based” charities - we just assumed they meant faith in God.