Friday, September 18, 2009

Doncaster boys from hell hoax

I removed my earlier entries on the supposed Doncaster [99] boys from hell when I realized that the whole thing is a hoax, because there's no point in having people read what amounts to me thinking out loud. None of my earlier conclusions were absurd, considering the direction civilization is headed, although it hasn't yet reached that stage on a widespread basis. So, they were darker than justified by the current state of civilization. My final conclusion is posted on a blog devoted to the subject in hopes that a blog-search will take people right to it. I think that readers can fill in the blanks and draw conclusions about the various institutions involved in the hoax.

One motive for the hoax is apparently to provide impetus to the British campaign to reduce population as can be seen in the supposedly candid comments from supposed readers below articles on the supposed Doncaster boys from hell.