Friday, September 18, 2009

Interesting timing of latest release by The Beatles

It is probably no accident that The Beatles' digitally remastered recordings were released on 9/9/09, considering that this date becomes 60/6/6 when rotated 180 degrees, i.e. 60-60-60 degrees. There is considerable evidence that members of The Beatles were "fans" of Aleister Crowley's, although it appears to me that they were just used for purposes of popularizing Crowley (according to the Satanic Roots of Rock, the Process Church - a front for organized Satanism - sought them out), and were not witting Satanists. I doubt they understood the full implications of what they were popularizing.

It is probably also no accident that the remasters were released just before the cannabis-harvesting season, when fresh pot with high potency will be hitting the streets. As exposed by The Satanic Roots of Rock, there is a tight connection between the rock music industry and the British Empire's drug industry. So, at a time when people need to be focused on economic solutions, a lot of them will be getting stoned to hear "new revelations" from The Beatles and to escape from the reality largely caused by escaping from reality.

So, if you must hear the latest recordings, just turn up the volume instead of "turning on" with potentially brain-destroying drugs. Another recommendation would be to wait for the high-resolution versions so that you can hear them without any nagging remnants of digital decimation/interpolation filters in the audible frequency range, which would make it easier to listen through the recording process to the music, or at least to whatever is recorded on those master tapes.