Saturday, September 12, 2009

Volker exposes "private advisors" within Obama administration

In my previous entry, I wrote that our de facto economic system consists mainly of a combination of official central-bank-controlled feudalism and private "socialism," i.e. charity. When our government threatens to resort to anything resembling the American System, the bankers and their lackeys froth at the mouth.

Luckily for me, LPAC published an article on the same day which supports this claim. It quotes former Fed chairman Paul Volker, who has become one of the voices of sanity in Washington, making the following statement:

"The influence of money and lobbies on Washington has reached a shameful level. Not to mention the fact that, since many Treasury nominees have not been confirmed by Congress, Geithner is surrounded by private advisors. Eight months into the new administration, the Treasury does not yet have a staff of [its own] officials. And this raises the question of using informal advisors who come from Wall Street. It should not happen."

[end of excerpt]

These "private advisors" are agents of the feudalists behind the central banks. I surmise that Obama's "behaviorist economists" act as a buffer between these de facto economic policy dictators and the American people, and that one of their functions is to brainwash us to go along with policies which have been proven to be destructive.