Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not all members of Al Qaeda understand Al Qaeda

"As the death toll of Wednesday’s car bomb in the northwestern Pakistani city reached 117, it became clear that women have now become key targets in the militants’ twisted strategy of creating mayhem across this volatile, nuclear-armed country.

"Such was the revulsion at the deaths of so many women and children that even the Taliban and Al-Qaeda tried to distance themselves from the atrocity, although few believe their denial of responsibility."

Well, there might be some members of Al Qaeda that don't want to believe that their organization could do such a thing, but then they probably don't realize that behind the "pure Islam" front, there are ultimately purely evil characters who see the human race as so many ants. Photo: Al Qaeda leadership meets in London.

"Enemies" in "war on terror" allied against mankind

After reacting to the hideous events in Iraq on Oct 25th by writing that they were committed by the British Empire, and that they were partly intended to give the news division of its Empire of the Mind a ratings-boost at the start of the sweeps period, I started to look for evidence of an alliance between the supposed enemies in the "war on terror," and that this alliance is waging war on mankind in the guise of waging war on each other.

The fact that such massive bombs got through the checkpoints indicated that the attacks were permitted by those who actually rule Iraq. Assuming that the scenario painted by the government were true (that some fantasy Baath/AQ alliance is cranking out gargantuan car-bombs under their noses, just waiting for an opportunity to detonate them amidst throngs of Iraqis whom they hope to rule - yeah, right), those at the top of the security services would have to know that the potential consequences for a security lapse were enormous, and that mere negligence could cost them their lives. In fact, those who "allowed" it to happen apparently know that they will ultimately be protected by those who really run Iraq.

Shortly after the attacks, the Mind-Empire set about to create "evidence" to support its virtual-reality version (that the bombings were the work of an alliance between Baath Party loyalists and Al Qaeda) by rounding up a bunch of security personnel. I immediately saw this as a pathetic attempt to placate the populace and to protect the British Empire, whose hand must remain hidden if at all possible. Once the public outrage dies down, this show will come to an end. But for the moment, they have to keep up appearances to contain the outrage and maintain Iraq as a playground for Satanists, who have lately been posing as "anti-homosexual crusaders" running amok. Any excuse for SRA will do.

When I started looking for evidence of an alliance between the supposed enemies in the "war on terror," I didn't find any where I hoped to find it, but I started noticing it elsewhere, some from years ago. For example, there was the incident known as Operation Airlift of Evil, which was recently described in an article which appeared briefly on EIR's website, entitled Who is the Enemy in Afghanistan?:

"The defeated Taliban and al-Qaeda had fled to Kunduz after losing battles across the north of the country, and many were surrendering. But then, something inexplicable happened. Over a three-day period, Pakistani military planes made non-stop flights in and out of the Kunduz airport, which was controlled by the Taliban.

"All the important Taliban commanders and Pakistanis escaped along a safe-flight corridor, supposedly guaranteed by the Americans. That airlift, which American soldiers called “Operation Airlift of Evil,” made the Northern Alliance soldiers livid. The Indian government sent diplomatic protest notes to the American and British governments. The Kunduz airlift story became available to the world much later, when a high-level CIA officer, Gary Berntsen, who was reportedly the second-in-command during the operation, described it in his book."

[end of excerpt]

Just yesterday, additional evidence of a hidden link between the US government's "Harry Potter" (British/Satanist) faction (the actual ruler of Iraq) and their "Islamic fundamentalist" (Wahhabite) "enemies" appeared in print:

"UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations demanded to know Friday why it took an hour for Afghan police and NATO troops to respond to a Taliban attack on a guest house filled with U.N. staff in Kabul.
"Ban said that 'the U.N. security team repeatedly called for help from both Afghanistan government forces and other international partners.' He said 'initial reports suggest that it was approximately an hour, if not longer, before Afghan police or others arrived on the scene.'"

Further evidence of this alliance appeared in The British/Saudi Slush Fund And the Rise of Wahhabism, which exposes one of the more direct links between these supposed enemies: vast amounts of funding provided by the British Empire's privatized black-ops budget to support its supposed enemy.

This should suffice to indicate that the situation in Iraq, as in the US, is not what as it appears on the surface. Both are on the road to recovery - by Satan's invisible empire. Iraq and Detroit are just further along, and Obama's task, while playing the part of President, is to persuade us to continue lying down and getting raped.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Those wacky "holy" warriors

The militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq said in a statement posted on the Internet late Monday that its "martyrs ... targeted the dens of infidelity."
Among the dead were two dozen children, killed on a bus that was leaving a daycare center near the Justice Ministry at the time of the explosions, said an official at the hospital where the bodies were brought. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.
"One of these selected targets that were hit this time was the 'Ministry of Injustice and Oppression,' the so-called Ministry of Justice, along with the Baghdad Provincial Council," the militant statement said.
The authenticity of the statement, which appeared on a Web site commonly used for militant messaging, could not be independently confirmed.

[end of excerpts]

Based on my very brief study of Wahhabism (the extreme form of "Islamic fundamentalism" which the Taliban and Al Qaeda claim to believe), it seems that one of its main tenets is that technology is evil. But they don't seem to have any problems with using it to commit mass murder, which to them is less sinful than violating their puritanical morality. Instead of making bombs, they could just put their adherents in public places and have them read a list of Wahhabism's contradictions until their heads explode.

However, I tend to doubt that the British Empire would rely on religious wackos to carry out such large-scale terrorist attacks. Maybe the "suicide bombers" were Islamic Fundies, but it's possible that they were just average Iraqis who didn't even know they were transporting bombs, and that the bombs were detonated by remote control. All we know is that there were massive explosions. The rest is Establishment narrative designed to manipulate us, which is easier after such a shocking indicent.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final throes or shock and awe?

According to reports on the October 25th bombings in Baghdad, US and Iraqi governmental officials blame Al Qaeda and Baathists lurking in Syria, respectively. My question is how they could know, even before an investigation was begun - their claims were more likely prefabricated cover stories for something they knew was going to happen. (As one Iraqi observed, it's a mystery how such massive bombs could have gotten past the checkpoints. Were ANY higher-ups killed, and if not, was this just a coincidence?)

9/11, as we have learned over the years (in contrast to the official "investigation") was the product of the higher level behind Al Qaeda, namely the British Empire, and the purpose was to launch the reign of terror (or as Dick Darkside put it, "shock and awe") known as "the war on terror." Couldn't the recent bombings been just another part of the reign of terror, partly intended to fan the flames of hatred and "explain" an ongoing reign of terror?

Baghdad bombing coincides with beginning of sweeps period

It would have been a slow news day otherwise for the Lords of Mayhem's Empire of the Mind.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lords of mayhem

"Helping Israel develop its own thermonuclear weapon is another dirty British trick for launching a thermonuclear war which, as Macmillan threatened Kennedy, the British view the United States as then obliged to fight."

There is a tight intersection among dirty elements such as LID, the top leadership of British intelligence's B'nai B'rith cover, the so-called Jewish Labor Committee and the ADA's Joe Rauh, Jr., who said of the U.S. Labor Party chairman [LaRouche] recently, "We're going to shoot him, shoot him!"

Friday, October 23, 2009

2012 the movie: the "global warming" lie isn't working

If you assume that the world is going to explode in a couple of years, why bother working for an economic recovery? This rehashed piece of tripe, brought to you courtesy of the British Empire of the Mind's film industry, and its division based on the logical impossibility of disproving its claims (i.e., its night-time radio talk shows which "expose" all sorts of dark "secrets" such as "UFO cover-ups," which are actually "coded" references to the government's protection of organized Satanism), is just a variation on geophysical-catastrophe predictions which have been coming and going since time immemorial. Back when I was "into" reverse speech, I checked out some speeches by Gordon-Michael Scallion, one of those predicting global upheavals on a historically-unprecedented scale, and realized that he was apparently using techniques to suppress speech reversals, probably to prevent anyone from finding evidence that he was being deceptive.

This lie is probably being trotted out now, as winter approaches, because most people aren't buying the "global warming" hoax, and would support re-industrialization to produce what's required for an economic recovery.

Predicting a depression to assure us of recovery

Another facet of the article referred to in the previous entry occurred to me, which is that by predicting a depression, a recovery is implied, since we recovered from the Great Depression. But most people aren't aware that it's necessary to produce certain things to cause a recovery, that this was the basis of the recovery from the Great Depression, and that we aren't doing it now. Simply printing money to cover bankers' gambling IOUs will only hasten the collapse. (The purpose of money is to facilitate real economic activity, but Bernanke is using it to destroy the economy, based on the lie that bankers' gambling debts are pillars of the real economy.) There are even those who claim that the New Deal, a watered-down version of the American System which FDR used as a means of arranging for the production of infrastructure required for the recovery, actually delayed the recovery, which supposedly would have happened automatically as a result of consumer demand. If consumers knew what was required, (which they don't thanks to the British Empire's efforts to suppress this knowledge), you can bet they would demand it. It's all included in the LaRouche Plan, a new and improved New Deal.

Monday, October 19, 2009

CNBC warns "depression coming, stay the course"

The point in this exercise in gobbledygook is to retain some semblance of credibility even as they exhort us to continue to leave the same gang of sub-criminals in charge of the economy. If you doubt that the British Empire is still alive and kicking us, just look into who controls what the media, which the Empire's agent Churchill called the "Empire of the Mind." Naturally it would want to get control of all sources of information first, and paint itself out of the picture.

So, CNBC trots out an "independent analyst" to utter the "D word" and thus gain some credibility by getting a little ahead of the collapse-curve, so that it can then tell us that "the experts" were just a little wrong, that their program will eventually restore the economy, and that we should just let them keep doing the same thing. But considering that their "recovery program" consists of printing money to buy bankers' gambling IOUs, so that the bankers can go on an epic shopping spree, buy up the world, and destroy the dollar (and the economy), there is no way it can produce what we need. To Ben "Hover" Bernanke's masters, an actual recovery is out of the question. Their real goal is to destroy civilization, thin out the "human herd," and build a Satanic/fascist world order on the ashes of the existing one, using lessons learned at Guantanamo to drive the human spirit out of the world. They're even working on artificial intelligence so that after they drive our minds out of us, we can perform useful work for them.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Soros dreaming of a green America

Photos, clockwise: Climate change in Europe, circa 1940; Soros shopping for "green technology"; a "green" USPS (from The Postman w/Costner)

"Soros will establish the Climate Policy Initiative, a San Francisco-based organization to which he will donate $10 million a year for 10 years. It will be part advisory service, part policy developer, and part watchdog, said Thomas Heller, who is heading the initiative. Heller is a professor at Stanford University Law School whose expertise is in energy law and regulation and environmental law.

"The group will work in the U.S., Europe, China, India, and Brazil, he said. The problem of global warming is primarily a political problem at this point, Soros said. 'The science is beyond dispute, but how do we achieve the objectives we all know are necessary? That is a political problem.' The organization will address subjects such as carbon-emissions trading."

The science is beyone dispute, if you know what's good for you, that is. How much of Soros' billions will be paid to economic hitmen?

Soros is also funding research into nano-generators powered by pinwheels to see how many people take him seriously.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Behaviorism and the 8th Sphere agenda

"Accompanying Watson's invertebrate S-R ontology was a corresponding lower order sensibility: 'You, as a psychologist, if you are to remain scientific, must describe the behavior of man in no other terms than those you would use in describing the behavior of the ox you slaughter.' "

"The most recent practical effort to abolish 'autonomous inner man' is the acute "depersonalization" suffered by new arrivals to German concentration camps. The Dutch Jew Elie Cohen accounts how prisoners suffered 'an estrangement from one's ego, an estrangement from one's own body, and an estrangement from the surrounding world.' He goes on to describe this as a subject/object split in which one becomes a mere object like other objects. Cohen explains this 'acute depersonalization' as 'a defense mechanism of the ego' under extreme conditions in which reducing oneself to a depersonalized, vegetable-like state was appropriate to the particular reality of the concentration camp 'environment.' " [Substitute "Guantanamo" for "concentration camp," and you'll start to understand what's really going on at Gitmo, that R&D lab for utter hopelessness.]

These quotations from A Hindsight on Skinner's Beyond reflect the schizophrenia of so-called "behavioral psychologists": they supposedly believe that mankind is no more than a talking beast (reflecting the attitude of the atavistic feudal aristocracy, which likes to believe that Darwin was right, but that evolution stopped for some mysterious reason during the sentient-soul era, before Plato's time, when man was indeed little more than a talking beast), while at the same time expending enormous efforts to bring about this state of affairs, such as by creating hell on Earth in the guise of the pre-Return phase of the "Apocalypse" in order to drive the higher soul of mankind out of the world and into the 8th Sphere. This is what Obama's puppeteers, who operate through his lunatic gang of "behaviorist economists," mean by "change."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Behavioral economists: more "prophecy fulfillers"

After reading a few articles on behavioral economics by EIR (search the site for "behaviorist"), it occurred to me that their purpose is to arrange the economic/financial aspect of the "Apocalypse" by creating certain situations designed to manipulate the masses and produce an "Apocalyptic" scenario. This would explain why Daniel Kahneman, with his heavy exposure to "the usual suspects," including the IDF, plays such a key role in this strange conglomeration of "disciplines." The previous mis-administration concentrated on "fulfilling" the "religious" aspects, but for the time being, economics has come to the fore. In order to "fulfill prophecy," the federal government is doing everything possible to coordinate the economic collapse with the "diplomatic failure" triggering an Israeli invasion of Iran, while pretending that it's done everything it can to save the economy, and that it's recovering. Meanwhile, the states are shutting out the lights, closing up shop, and waiting for the economy to return, thinking that it will because we ransomed it from the bankers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Global warming shifting southward

"LAS VEGAS -- The 2009-2010 season at the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is underway, the earliest the resort has ever been open.

"Unseasonably cold nighttime temperatures and aggressive snowmaking efforts have produced snow on Chair Three, Rabbit Peak, the only lift and trail scheduled to open."

[end of excerpts]

So, predictably, those pushing the notion of global warming have turned their attention to the Southern Hemisphere. They've got to keep the game going until they get all of their herd-thinning legislation crammed down the world's throats.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Obama's puppeteers really hate Iran

The claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is obviously the same sort of lie that "justified" the invasion of Iraq, and this lie might end up providing Israel with the excuse it needs to bomb Iran and start the world-war aspect of the "Apocalypse." However, it is already providing an excuse for "the global community" (i.e. Synarchist bankers and their golems such as Obama) to apply economic sanctions, which are actually intended to prevent what is required for an actual economic recovery: physical-economic cooperation among sovereign nation-states, one of the keys to which is a means of rapidly and efficiently transporting massive amounts of freight around the world. This is the function of the Eurasian Land-Bridge [see, for example, Land-Bridge Development Could Transform Eurasia (800KB), which includes a map of the Land-Bridge]. As can be seen from this entry’s map, a key section of the Land-Bridge passes through Iran, so that treating Iran like a leper colony will have the effect of preventing an economic recovery. It's not WMD they're targeting, but mankind. There's not too many people - just not enough rail transport in general - and the Jetsons, with their fantasy-based infrastructure, deserve a lot of the blame. Yes, that’s right - the Jetsons, like “President” Obama, were the result of an evil plot.