Friday, October 23, 2009

2012 the movie: the "global warming" lie isn't working

If you assume that the world is going to explode in a couple of years, why bother working for an economic recovery? This rehashed piece of tripe, brought to you courtesy of the British Empire of the Mind's film industry, and its division based on the logical impossibility of disproving its claims (i.e., its night-time radio talk shows which "expose" all sorts of dark "secrets" such as "UFO cover-ups," which are actually "coded" references to the government's protection of organized Satanism), is just a variation on geophysical-catastrophe predictions which have been coming and going since time immemorial. Back when I was "into" reverse speech, I checked out some speeches by Gordon-Michael Scallion, one of those predicting global upheavals on a historically-unprecedented scale, and realized that he was apparently using techniques to suppress speech reversals, probably to prevent anyone from finding evidence that he was being deceptive.

This lie is probably being trotted out now, as winter approaches, because most people aren't buying the "global warming" hoax, and would support re-industrialization to produce what's required for an economic recovery.