Saturday, October 10, 2009

Behavioral economists: more "prophecy fulfillers"

After reading a few articles on behavioral economics by EIR (search the site for "behaviorist"), it occurred to me that their purpose is to arrange the economic/financial aspect of the "Apocalypse" by creating certain situations designed to manipulate the masses and produce an "Apocalyptic" scenario. This would explain why Daniel Kahneman, with his heavy exposure to "the usual suspects," including the IDF, plays such a key role in this strange conglomeration of "disciplines." The previous mis-administration concentrated on "fulfilling" the "religious" aspects, but for the time being, economics has come to the fore. In order to "fulfill prophecy," the federal government is doing everything possible to coordinate the economic collapse with the "diplomatic failure" triggering an Israeli invasion of Iran, while pretending that it's done everything it can to save the economy, and that it's recovering. Meanwhile, the states are shutting out the lights, closing up shop, and waiting for the economy to return, thinking that it will because we ransomed it from the bankers.