Sunday, October 11, 2009

Behaviorism and the 8th Sphere agenda

"Accompanying Watson's invertebrate S-R ontology was a corresponding lower order sensibility: 'You, as a psychologist, if you are to remain scientific, must describe the behavior of man in no other terms than those you would use in describing the behavior of the ox you slaughter.' "

"The most recent practical effort to abolish 'autonomous inner man' is the acute "depersonalization" suffered by new arrivals to German concentration camps. The Dutch Jew Elie Cohen accounts how prisoners suffered 'an estrangement from one's ego, an estrangement from one's own body, and an estrangement from the surrounding world.' He goes on to describe this as a subject/object split in which one becomes a mere object like other objects. Cohen explains this 'acute depersonalization' as 'a defense mechanism of the ego' under extreme conditions in which reducing oneself to a depersonalized, vegetable-like state was appropriate to the particular reality of the concentration camp 'environment.' " [Substitute "Guantanamo" for "concentration camp," and you'll start to understand what's really going on at Gitmo, that R&D lab for utter hopelessness.]

These quotations from A Hindsight on Skinner's Beyond reflect the schizophrenia of so-called "behavioral psychologists": they supposedly believe that mankind is no more than a talking beast (reflecting the attitude of the atavistic feudal aristocracy, which likes to believe that Darwin was right, but that evolution stopped for some mysterious reason during the sentient-soul era, before Plato's time, when man was indeed little more than a talking beast), while at the same time expending enormous efforts to bring about this state of affairs, such as by creating hell on Earth in the guise of the pre-Return phase of the "Apocalypse" in order to drive the higher soul of mankind out of the world and into the 8th Sphere. This is what Obama's puppeteers, who operate through his lunatic gang of "behaviorist economists," mean by "change."