Monday, October 19, 2009

CNBC warns "depression coming, stay the course"

The point in this exercise in gobbledygook is to retain some semblance of credibility even as they exhort us to continue to leave the same gang of sub-criminals in charge of the economy. If you doubt that the British Empire is still alive and kicking us, just look into who controls what the media, which the Empire's agent Churchill called the "Empire of the Mind." Naturally it would want to get control of all sources of information first, and paint itself out of the picture.

So, CNBC trots out an "independent analyst" to utter the "D word" and thus gain some credibility by getting a little ahead of the collapse-curve, so that it can then tell us that "the experts" were just a little wrong, that their program will eventually restore the economy, and that we should just let them keep doing the same thing. But considering that their "recovery program" consists of printing money to buy bankers' gambling IOUs, so that the bankers can go on an epic shopping spree, buy up the world, and destroy the dollar (and the economy), there is no way it can produce what we need. To Ben "Hover" Bernanke's masters, an actual recovery is out of the question. Their real goal is to destroy civilization, thin out the "human herd," and build a Satanic/fascist world order on the ashes of the existing one, using lessons learned at Guantanamo to drive the human spirit out of the world. They're even working on artificial intelligence so that after they drive our minds out of us, we can perform useful work for them.