Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final throes or shock and awe?

According to reports on the October 25th bombings in Baghdad, US and Iraqi governmental officials blame Al Qaeda and Baathists lurking in Syria, respectively. My question is how they could know, even before an investigation was begun - their claims were more likely prefabricated cover stories for something they knew was going to happen. (As one Iraqi observed, it's a mystery how such massive bombs could have gotten past the checkpoints. Were ANY higher-ups killed, and if not, was this just a coincidence?)

9/11, as we have learned over the years (in contrast to the official "investigation") was the product of the higher level behind Al Qaeda, namely the British Empire, and the purpose was to launch the reign of terror (or as Dick Darkside put it, "shock and awe") known as "the war on terror." Couldn't the recent bombings been just another part of the reign of terror, partly intended to fan the flames of hatred and "explain" an ongoing reign of terror?