Friday, October 23, 2009

Predicting a depression to assure us of recovery

Another facet of the article referred to in the previous entry occurred to me, which is that by predicting a depression, a recovery is implied, since we recovered from the Great Depression. But most people aren't aware that it's necessary to produce certain things to cause a recovery, that this was the basis of the recovery from the Great Depression, and that we aren't doing it now. Simply printing money to cover bankers' gambling IOUs will only hasten the collapse. (The purpose of money is to facilitate real economic activity, but Bernanke is using it to destroy the economy, based on the lie that bankers' gambling debts are pillars of the real economy.) There are even those who claim that the New Deal, a watered-down version of the American System which FDR used as a means of arranging for the production of infrastructure required for the recovery, actually delayed the recovery, which supposedly would have happened automatically as a result of consumer demand. If consumers knew what was required, (which they don't thanks to the British Empire's efforts to suppress this knowledge), you can bet they would demand it. It's all included in the LaRouche Plan, a new and improved New Deal.