Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Those wacky "holy" warriors

The militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq said in a statement posted on the Internet late Monday that its "martyrs ... targeted the dens of infidelity."
Among the dead were two dozen children, killed on a bus that was leaving a daycare center near the Justice Ministry at the time of the explosions, said an official at the hospital where the bodies were brought. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.
"One of these selected targets that were hit this time was the 'Ministry of Injustice and Oppression,' the so-called Ministry of Justice, along with the Baghdad Provincial Council," the militant statement said.
The authenticity of the statement, which appeared on a Web site commonly used for militant messaging, could not be independently confirmed.

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Based on my very brief study of Wahhabism (the extreme form of "Islamic fundamentalism" which the Taliban and Al Qaeda claim to believe), it seems that one of its main tenets is that technology is evil. But they don't seem to have any problems with using it to commit mass murder, which to them is less sinful than violating their puritanical morality. Instead of making bombs, they could just put their adherents in public places and have them read a list of Wahhabism's contradictions until their heads explode.

However, I tend to doubt that the British Empire would rely on religious wackos to carry out such large-scale terrorist attacks. Maybe the "suicide bombers" were Islamic Fundies, but it's possible that they were just average Iraqis who didn't even know they were transporting bombs, and that the bombs were detonated by remote control. All we know is that there were massive explosions. The rest is Establishment narrative designed to manipulate us, which is easier after such a shocking indicent.