Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why Obama's puppeteers really hate Iran

The claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is obviously the same sort of lie that "justified" the invasion of Iraq, and this lie might end up providing Israel with the excuse it needs to bomb Iran and start the world-war aspect of the "Apocalypse." However, it is already providing an excuse for "the global community" (i.e. Synarchist bankers and their golems such as Obama) to apply economic sanctions, which are actually intended to prevent what is required for an actual economic recovery: physical-economic cooperation among sovereign nation-states, one of the keys to which is a means of rapidly and efficiently transporting massive amounts of freight around the world. This is the function of the Eurasian Land-Bridge [see, for example, Land-Bridge Development Could Transform Eurasia (800KB), which includes a map of the Land-Bridge]. As can be seen from this entry’s map, a key section of the Land-Bridge passes through Iran, so that treating Iran like a leper colony will have the effect of preventing an economic recovery. It's not WMD they're targeting, but mankind. There's not too many people - just not enough rail transport in general - and the Jetsons, with their fantasy-based infrastructure, deserve a lot of the blame. Yes, that’s right - the Jetsons, like “President” Obama, were the result of an evil plot.