Monday, November 30, 2009

Quadruple cop killing smells like intel op

Maurice Clemmons, the alleged perpetrator of Sunday's ambush-style execution of four cops in the Seattle area, has exhibited behavior which in my opinion fits the profile of someone who has been brainwashed. This process has apparently been mischaracterized, as merely being marinated in disinformation (as most people are), in order to conceal its very existence. For background on this process, see Rockefeller's 1984-Plot by Lyndon LaRouche.

Furthermore, the fact that this seemingly deranged character has been able to elude a massive police manhunt, while supposedly having a gunshot wound, indicates that he could be getting some help from an intelligence agency.

Quadruple cop killing smells like political hit

One possible explanation for Sunday's ambush of four police officers (see Police and Suspected Gunman in Standoff), in the prime of their lives, is that it was a political hit aimed at Mike Huckabee. Not surprisingly, it appears that the alleged perpetrator will end up dead, unable to tell us what motivated him. Qui bono?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

CBS insinuates that Iran has plans for nuke missiles

Here's a screenshot of an image I found on CBS News' home page on 11/29/09. They clearly want us to believe that there is evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On whose side is the Black Bloc?

"(CBS/AP) Police with water cannon fired tear gas and rubber bullets Saturday to separate violent demonstrators from a protest opposing a meeting of top world trade officials, but the hooded 'black bloc' activists were able to cause damage before 14 were arrested, spokesmen said.

"The protesters set fire to at least four cars, broke shop windows and committed other acts of violence Saturday, police spokesman Patrick Puhl said."

The Black Bloc uses such underhanded, vicious tactics that it's not much of a stretch to assume that its members are Satanists. The actual purpose of its "hooliganism" is to make it more difficult for genuine protesters to conduct their protests and get media attention. Another perspective on its activity is that it symbolizes the destructive "free trade" agenda behind the WTO, against which the Black Bloc was supposedly protesting.

The Empire reminds Russia that it hates rail

Just a few days ago in a blog entry below, I posed the question of how long it would be before we became involved in a war with Russia and China, now that they've embarked on a realistic economic-recovery plan, which includes considerable rail construction. Then yesterday, terrorists bombed the Moscow-St. Petersberg line just as a train passed over the bomb, killing at least 39 passengers, and the British-controlled media used the opportunity to attack the Russian government for its supposedly inept response. Perhaps if the British Empire hadn't waged decades of economic warfare and terrorism on Russia, it would be able to respond to British terrorism in a more timely manner. Some of the delay was no doubt caused by cautionary steps taken to prevent the first responders from becoming victims too (a second bomb did explode near the first, but nobody was injured).

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this latest attack is more "free trade," i.e. economic warfare against the nation-state, and that it belies the supposed British desire to improve transport efficiency to prevent "global warming." As should be evident by the parade of world "leaders" robotically goose-stepping to "Hopenhagen" despite "Climategate," the actual purpose of reducing CO2 consumption is to destroy global civilization and impose a global fascist state.

Not surprisingly, SRA disguised as interrogation continues

Despite Obama's ostensible attempts to put an end to war crimes as part of a "war" which is actually Satanism disguised as a war [most of the US soldiers involved in the "war" are victims along with the locals], I knew that the more advanced forms of SRA would just be hidden better, and I wrote a blog entry to that effect. Here's the latest evidence that my assumption was correct.

So much for "winning hearts and minds."

Friday, November 27, 2009

Israel prepares to defend reputation of Establishment "economists" by unleashing "Armageddon" as system implodes

"Share prices in the City [of London - the most important city in the world] suffered their biggest fall since March today amid fears that a debt crisis in the millionaires' playground of Dubai heralded a new phase in the global financial meltdown and a double-dip recession in 2010."

"VIENNA (Reuters) - U.N. nuclear watchdog governors voted on Friday to rebuke Iran for building a uranium enrichment plant in secret but Tehran rejected the move as 'intimidation' which would poison its negotiations with world powers."

Iran has apparently made incredible progress on this facility in the last couple of weeks:

"Fri, Nov 11 2009

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief says that UN inspectors have found "nothing to be worried about" in Iran's latest nuclear facility.

"The idea was to use it as a bunker under the mountain to protect things," Mohamed ElBaradei told the Thursday print of the New York Times, pointing to Iran's Fordo nuclear facility, some 160 kilometers southwest of Tehran.

"It's a hole in a mountain," the IAEA chief said.

(But then, maybe the idea was to allow the oligarchy to claim that it's a nuclear facility. After all, Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR once indicated that Iran's president is a Synarchist puppet.)

So, as the economic collapse progresses, we are being fed a virtual reality to the effect that it's just another dip in the road to eventual recovery, along with one about Iran having WMD (just as before the invasion of Iraq) in order to "explain" Israel's likely eventual invasion of Iran ("Armageddon's" fuse) which will coincide with the financial collapse in order to bail out all of the oligarchy's economist-puppets who have been predicting a recovery. (Note that the US recently prevented Russia from providing Iran with missiles it could use to protect itself from Israel.) That way, they can retain some of their credibility in case they need it to prevent LaRouche's policies from being adopted.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The oligarchy and its stooges can't stop lying about "global warming" now

Not surprisingly, those who have been lying about "global warming" for so long are still lying about it, but now they've also got to lie about the evidence which proves that they've been lying.

The real smoking gun, however, is in their computer model, which is rigged to produce the desired results.

Obama promises to go with nuclear power

"WASHINGTON — Putting his prestige on the line, President Barack Obama will personally commit the U.S. to a goal of substantially cutting greenhouse gases at next month's Copenhagen climate summit. He will insist America is ready to tackle global warming despite resistance in Congress over higher costs for businesses and homeowners."

This can only mean one thing: that he intends to embark on a crash program of developing nuclear energy, since it is the only way he can cut carbon dioxide emissions without destroying the US and thus committing high treason, especially now that the "global warming" scam has been utterly debunked.

Harvard ethics professor equates bailout with "functioning economy"

November 25, 2009 (LPAC)—A telephone-meeting of "ethics" advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Nov. 23, on the task of ratifying an "ethics guidance" on how to ration scarce mechanical ventilators in the United States, in the event of a severe flu pandemic, was transformed from its intended purpose of being a patsy-approval session, into a hot confrontation from LaRouche activist Marcia Merry Baker (EIR, Economics), over how unethical it is to refrain from calling for building up infrastructure, and instead to spell out how to send groups of people to death.
A caller who identified herself as Marcia Baker argued that the government should build for the peak of a severe pandemic rather than focusing on categorizing patients into what she referred to as polite terms for lives not worthy to live.

Harvard University ethics professor Norman Daniels responded that he was very puzzled by Baker's comments. It seems you're suggesting we could purchase ventilators to meet any crisis, he said. I'd like to know whether you want to pay the taxes.

Baker said, Yes, and not pay the bailout.

Daniels countered. You don't want a functioning economy but you want all these ventilators?

[end of excerpt]

Coming from Daniels, who based on his writings appears to be a witting genocidalist, equating the bail-out with a functioning economy is probably an attempt to deceive. The so-called bail-out is purely parasitical - designed to save the tumor, and keep the patient alive only enough to preserve the tumor. They intend to eventually reduce a vastly reduced human race to zombies with artificial brains so that we'll make good slaves.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another motive for remaining in Iran and Afghanistan

I remembered another probable motive for remaining in Iraq and Afghanistan besides the reasons which LaRouche has revealed (essentially to drain American resources), and besides the "need" for Satanists to have a playground where they can conduct advanced SRA disguised as warfare, and to stage "the Apocalypse." This other motive is that we're probably planning on a war with Iran, i.e. "Armageddon." Note that our military, stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, is conveniently positioned on both sides of Iran. There have been reports that our Special Forces have been infiltrating Iran, and conducting terrorism and sabotage.

I believe that Justin Raimondo of was the first to my knowledge who raised this possibility - that we're just treading water, waiting for an invasion of Iran. Iran just happens to be a crucial chokepoint for a key Land-Bridge route, which is necessary for a global economic recovery. A long war there in the near future would be sufficient to prevent a global recovery, which is what I suspect Puppet Obama means by "finishing the job there."

"Health care reform" insider rails against progress

Well, listen to what was just published in a new book by Daniel Callahan, the head of the infamous Hastings Center, which is the headquarters for promoting British eugenics and euthanasia inside the U.S., and is among the masterminds of Obama's Nazi healthcare policy:

"We have a culture addicted to the idea of unlimited progress and to the technological innovation that is its natural child. In its present form, this is an unsustainable value. There must be limits. [The Great Oz has spoken.] American health care is radically American; individualistic, scientifically ambitious," Callahan complained ferociously. And then to his central point: "Although there seems at first no direct connection discernible between them, it is remarkable that global warming is now, finally being taken seriously in the United States [actually, it's the implicit threat behind the "global warming" fraud that's being taken seriously]; and that there is, simultaneously, a fresh push for serious health reform. In both cases, some deeply seated values must be changed, amounting in the end to fundamental alterations in our way of life. The drive for progress and constantly growing prosperity in the industrial order is behind the emergence of global warming [actually, the threat of progress, and the subsequent defeat of the British Empire, is behind the global-warming fraud]; and an analogous drive has created the cost crisis in health care [actually, British-inspired HMOs and other forms of fraud have caused it]. In both cases, technology occupies a central place." [Human progress is the real target.]

[end of excerpt]

There were also those who warned that the "high speed" of early trains would have some bizarre, catastrophic effect which never materialized, and considering that we were subsequently plunged into war to prevent the proper development of rail systems, I wouldn't be surprised if this strange claim about trains originated with the British oligarchy's "scientist"-puppets. Why not make our decisions based on the advice of someone besides those who spend their entire lives trying to wreck civilization and destroy mankind, for a change?

Man terminal with H1N1 saved by Vit C

When H1N1 (9 15 > 9 6 > 666) and a likely shortage of vaccine were first reported, I created an entry to this blog about the use of ascorbic acid to treat the disease. Just today, I found a story about someone who was terminally ill with H1N1, given intravenous ascorbic acid by his doctors (who fought the family's request to use Vit C), and was rescued from death's doorstep.

I have used ascorbic acid to treat a case of flu I once had, and found that it reduced the intensity of the symptoms. I wasn't using very large doses, but I was able to reduce the symptoms to the point where I wasn't suffering much. The effects I noticed fit with the theory proposed by Dr. Robert Cathcart, a major advocate of using massive doses of Vit C, and intravenous Vit C, to treat viral diseases. He claimed, essentially, that viral diseases cause their symptoms by generating large amounts of oxidants, which Vit C neutralizes.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has reported an apparent disinformation campaign surrounding H1N1, and there are some who claim that the hype is intended to get us to take vaccines which are intended for some nefarious purpose. But a lot of people have been vaccinated, and there have been no reports of widespread severe side effects, yet. There are still those who claim that vaccines are behind autism, and that a massive cover-up is underway. Considering how the media swept the recent exposure of the "global warming" camp under the rug, as if it never happened, I wouldn't be surprised.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Guardian "global warming"-lie pusher calls us stupid

"The lay public, when presented with confusing data and competing arguments about climate change, deploy the mental shortcut of believing the people they most trust."

Oh, you mean confusing data such as the fact that there has been no global temperature rise in the last decade?

In fact, just the opposite is happening. Because the internet has broken the media's stranglehold on the dissemination of information, we've been able to get the facts and conclude that "global warming" pitchmen are liars. Otherwise, Marshall and his ilk WOULD be able to con us by confusing us and managing our perception of people on both sides of the issue, which he seems to admit above has been his strategy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The experts" admit incompetence, at best, again

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse' contains a list of bankers' supposed worst fears (actually, their goal), their supposed best ideas on what can be done about the economic crisis (actually intended to make things worse), and an admission that their "best" ideas might not be sufficient to prevent financial catastrophe. They're all lies of course, but on its face, this is another admission of cluelessness, at best. LaRouche claims that the system could collapse at any time now, with the right trigger, such as (I suppose) an invasion of Iran launched on the basis of lies by "God's chosen government."

Not surprisingly, this piece of tripe was written, probably tongue-in-cheek, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, one of the British oligarchy's key propagandists. Go to the article and note how he associated a Japanese bullet train with the debt-explosion. (Oddly, he didn't mention the trillions of dollars recently given to his employers in exchange for their gambling IOUs as a contributing factor to the debt.) The oligarchy has started world wars to prevent us from developing rail transport, and told us that we're fighting them for "freedom." They also dangle the false promise of "flying cars" in front of our noses from time to time to get us to forget about rail transport, modern versions of which expose our existing transportation system as the sick joke it is, and make even bullet trains seem quaint.

The Bullstreet Journal issues Congress' marching orders

"What to do? The best option would be for the president to halt Congress's rush to fiscal suicide, and refocus on slowing the dangerous growth in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He should call on Congress to pass a comprehensive reform of our income and payroll tax systems that would generate revenue sufficient to fund its spending desires in a pro-growth and fair fashion."

This is not advice, or Congress would just laugh at it, knowing that "advice" from the BJ and similar financier-rectums is what got us into this mess. This is an order followed by an implicit "or else."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NY Times gloats that its old big lies trump new facts

"Some skeptics asserted Friday that the correspondence revealed an effort to withhold scientific information. 'This is not a smoking gun; this is a mushroom cloud,' said Patrick J. Michaels, a climatologist who has long faulted evidence pointing to human-driven warming and is criticized in the documents.
"The evidence pointing to a growing human contribution to global warming is so widely accepted that the hacked material is unlikely to erode the overall argument. However, the documents will undoubtedly raise questions about the quality of research on some specific questions and the actions of some scientists."

So, according to the Times, undisputable evidence that those behind the "global warming" hoax have been lying about it isn't sufficient evidence to call their overall claims into question! All that matters is that a certain percentage of the population has fallen for the hoax over the years; this, after all, is what determines "truth."

Also note that the article refers to the disinformation as "evidence."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another possible "black site"

"The CIA built one of its secret European prisons inside an exclusive riding academy outside Vilnius, Lithuania, a current Lithuanian government official and a former U.S. intelligence official told ABC News this week.

"Where affluent Lithuanians once rode show horses and sipped coffee at a café, the CIA installed a concrete structure where it could use harsh tactics to interrogate up to eight suspected al-Qaeda terrorists at a time."

This story might be true, but it could have been fabricated. If it's true, it's yet another example of Satanism perpetrated in the name of national security. It's possible that it was set up to allow local Satanists take part in more advanced SRA than they otherwise could. The victims would probably be "nobodies" from some country associated with "Islamic terrorism." All they have to do to conceal their motives is to claim to believe that their victims are terrorists.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

British financial oligarchy covers its tracks leading to Katrina catastrophe

"A US judge has ruled that negligence by the US Army Corps of Engineers led to massive floods in parts of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005."
In his 156-page ruling, Judge Duval said he believed it was the failure to shore up the outlet that "doomed the channel to grow to two to three times its design width" and "created a more forceful frontal wave attack on the levee".

In fact, the blame lies at the feet of "free trade," the name given to the British financial oligarchy's economic warfare against the nation-state:

"The Bush-Cheney administration cut Army Corps allocations for the New Orleans district, treating the projects with monetarist madness as if they were 'pork-barrels,' while seeking to route every spare nickel into bailing out the collapsing world financial system and financing the Iraq war. Bush-Cheney gave an extreme 'free-market madness' characteristic to a 35-year period, in which City of London-Wall Street policy gutted every form of America's water management infrastructure, from waterways, to the provision of irrigation and clean drinking water, to ports and flood control systems. The transportation, power generation, and health and hospital systems were also stripped down."

If the judge had blamed the policies which stripped the Corps' budget, chances are that the BBC would not have publicized the decision. But it saw an opportunity to attack an institution created to strengthen a nation-state, and took it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's words start to match his moustache

"'It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession,' he said."

But "war" is of course absolutely necessary for "our security."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

British roots of "Islamic" terrorism

The recent reports of direct British support for Taliban operations are part of a pattern of secret British control over global terrorism, other aspects of which are exposed in an article entitled The SAS: Prince Philip's Manager of Terrorism. Prince Philip, who once expressed a desired to be reincarnated as a deadly virus that would kill most of the world's population, was pretending that he isn't already one of the Grim Reaper's biggest allies, constantly working to achieve his expressed goal through a wide variety of means, including terrorism and warfare.

Actually, British-run terrorism is nothing new, as indicated by A Century of British State-Sponsored Terror , written in 1996.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Puppet Obama, in China, touts American freedom of expression

"BEIJING – President Barack Obama pointedly nudged China on Monday to stop censoring Internet access, offering an animated defense of the tool that helped him win the White House and suggesting Beijing need not fear a little criticism."

from Obama to China: Uncensored society is healthy (AP, 11/16/09)

"We let them blab all they want - we just don't take them seriously or give them mass-media access unless they conform to the British script."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

British preparing Taliban for Spring offensive against Americans

"November 15, 2009 (LPAC)—The London Guardian on Friday, Nov. 13, boasted that top British officials are promoting a "strategic" bargain between the Karzai government and Taliban, including the top Taliban leadership, operating from across the border in Pakistan.
The proposal would lift UN sanctions against "reconciled Talibs," would integrate Taliban foot soldiers into the security services, return to power many Taliban "shadow governors" and senior commanders, and strike a grand bargain with the top Taliban leadership, who are running the insurgency from safe-havens inside Pakistan.
"At the same time that the Brits are carrying out their typical gang-countergang efforts, Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues to pressure President Obama to boost U.S. forces in Afghanistan...."

Rachel of LYM vs. Fannie un-Frank

"November 14, 2009 Boston, MA (LPAC) -- LaRouche Youth Movement activist Rachel Brown announced today that she is a candidate for the Democratic nomination to U.S. Congress in the 4th District in Massachusetts, for the seat presently occupied by Bailout Barney Frank."

It will be interesting to see what the financial oligarchy and its mouthpieces in the media do about this. My guess is that they'll run a third-party candidate who sounds a lot like Ms. Brown, schizophrenically label her as a "fringe candidate" and ignore her as much as possible. If the voters fall for it again or if the vote is rigged, and their creature takes Frank's place, he or she will then change masks in a couple of seconds like Nancy "the Constitution is off the table" Pelosi, who personifies how the media have been concealing America's crumbling infrastructure. Either that, or they'll start a nuclear war - anything to prevent a "LaRouchie" from ending up on C-SCAM, the "free world's" most "objective" TV network, followed by PBS (Pathetic BS), which is still pushing Darwinism and the Big Bang as science.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Washington Times still takes Bush seriously!

"Former President George W. Bush, outlining plans for a new public policy institute, on Thursday said America must fight the temptation to allow the federal government to take control of the private sector, declaring that too much government intervention will squelch economic recovery and expansion."

This article belonged in the political humor section, not the serious politics section. But what's Bush doing - trying to convince us that he's so stupid that he can't be held responsible for setting the world on fire?

Next on the list of excuses for avoiding infrastructure projects

"If US company Terrafugia has its way the world’s first road-registered, air-worthy, flying car could soon be on our highways and in our skies. The firm’s new vehicle is called the Transition Roadable Aircraft."

Whenever the Empire of the Mind is afraid that we'll realize that we need modern rail systems, it trots out its "flying car" diversion/insult.

Congress hints at plans to create a fascist regime

"November 14, 2009 (LPAC)—In the wake of public statements by OMB head Orszag, and in the midst of the buildup of new hysteria about the U.S. budget deficit, Washington leak sheets have begun to put out the line that President Obama is going to shift his focus to "solving the deficit" by the time of the 2010 State of the Union. This is a recipe for not only total incompetence, but genocidal austerity.
"In other words, an IMAC for all national vital services."

A vote for any such transfer of power is a violation of the Constitution and grounds for impeachment. But then this is nothing new - just more openly treasonous than usual. If Congress really wants to save money, it could start by ending Dick Darkside's evil "wars" against mankind (i.e. Satanism disguised as warfare, with most American soldiers as victims along with the supposed enemy) and take back the trillions of dollars it gave to the "investment" casinos. Then it could put Americans back to work on creating the physical basis for a real recovery by issuing credit for cost-effective infrastructure projects..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This sign made its appearance today, 11/11/2009, i.e. 11/11/11 with much fanfare from the usual suspects who do this sort of thing on days such as this as a means of waving something monstrous under our noses and daring us to notice it. On the same day, LaRouche was warning that unless Obama is brought under American control, as opposed to that of Tony "Damien" Blair, global civilization is at the end of the trail. He wasn't nearly as cheerful about it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DC sniper's real crime? No license to kill!

Well, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, whose lies and orders have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands or millions of people (and torture), are still living it up, and the latter two are still regarded as sources of wisdom by some people, such as those who still watch Fox News Sunday despite the presence of Bill Kristol among its panel of experts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Financial institutions' medicine-grab bespeaks tenuous state of financial system

Recent reports that various banking and financial institutions have tried to circumvent the health authorities' priority system for vaccination against the H1N1 (96>666>Devil) virus, in my opinion, indicates that they are afraid that a reduction in their ability to monitor and manipulate the financial system (which would occur if many of their employees came down with the flu all at once) could allow the financial system to collapse.

Further evidence of Imperial alliance with "the terrorists"

In an earlier entry, I claimed that the British Empire, which I also call "the US/UK/Israel military/intelligence complex" and "the Satanist faction," is working with those it calls "the terrorists" and attacking mainly civilians and low-level "terrorists" (who are essentially civilians who have been indoctrinated with a sort of "kamikaze" mindset) in the guise of waging a war on "the terrorists." Meanwhile, terrorism is also being waged against civilians, and of course it's all attributed to "the terrorists" despite the evidence that the US/UK/Israel military/intelligence complex is directly responsible for some of it.

Now there are claims that the British military has been caught in the act of transporting Taliban forces around Afghanistan in helicopters, and that the journalist who exposed this practice has been murdered by British forces in the guise of rescuing him from kidnappers. All we will hear from our leaders on this matter is a deafening silence, because they know what's going on, and they're traitors who, if this were the Revolutionary War, would have been ordered by George Washington to be hung.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Potential underlying theme in recent attacks

In each of the prominent recent attacks related to the "war on terror," a lack of security seems to have been a significant factor. According to CBS News on 11/6, for example, the Ft. Hood shooter wasn't shot until 3 minutes into his rampage. In a recent suicide bombing in Pakistan, most of the victims were soldiers standing in line at a bank known to be frequented by soldiers. The October 25th bombings in Baghdad could not have occurred without lax security.

My question is whether any of this lack of security is intentional in order to facilitate terrorism and to fan the flames of this perpetual war. It also appears that the Ft. Hood shooter was provoked by attacks on his religion (Islam), thus raising the specter of SRA, perhaps designed to provoke him into lashing out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When will Hamas learn?

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) -- The Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip can now launch rockets capable of reaching the Israeli metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said at a Jerusalem briefing.

“We know they have tried to, and have obtained missiles that reach 60 kilometers (37 miles),” Ayalon said today. “Tel Aviv and its vicinity are now under the range of Hamas.”

[end of excerpt]

Will God's Chosen Government have to murder every woman and child in Gaza before Hamas learns its lesson?

Monday, November 2, 2009

What do we really know about bombings?

"Reporting from Rawalpindi, Pakistan - Militants continued to exact a price on Pakistan today for the government's ongoing offensive against the Taliban near the Afghan border, killing 35 people in a suicide bomb attack on military personnel and civilian workers lined up at a bank to get their monthly wages and pension checks."

All we really know is that an apparent suicide bomber apparently detonated a bomb, and that many people were killed and injured, some perhaps maimed for life. The rest is simply a narrative brought to us by the Empire of the Mind. For all we know, the "suicide bomber" didn't know that he/she was carrying a bomb, and it was detonated remotely. Even if the person carrying or wearing the bomb detonated it, they might have been motivated by a desire to protect their family or to obtain financial assistance for them. So, they weren't necessarily doing it for the reasons fed to us by the Empire's media.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oversimplified "war on terror"

In my previous entries which highlighted the notion of waging war on mankind in guise of a war on terrorism, I confess I oversimplified the situation. In fact, it is so complex that it is impossible to describe generally, other than to say that it is actually part of Satan's war on mankind. I just wanted to use a couple of recent terrorist attacks to show how our perception of the "war on terror" is being manipulated, and that both "sides" are controlled by the same puppet masters and sometimes work together to keep the game going. You might point to battles in Afghanistan in which fighters on both sides die, but do we really know the affiliation of those who fought and died? All we know is what the media tell us. Pat Tillman is an excellent example - a Special Ops soldier at odds with the "Michael Aquino" faction within Special Ops. If not for the intense scrutiny his murder received, his death probably would have been portrayed as a result of enemy fire. We really know very little about what's happening halfway around the world.

Nor can it be said that the "war on terror" is accomplishing nothing beneficial. Not even Satan can prevent something good from happening as a byproduct of an evil intent. However, there are better ways to achieve those benefits.