Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another motive for remaining in Iran and Afghanistan

I remembered another probable motive for remaining in Iraq and Afghanistan besides the reasons which LaRouche has revealed (essentially to drain American resources), and besides the "need" for Satanists to have a playground where they can conduct advanced SRA disguised as warfare, and to stage "the Apocalypse." This other motive is that we're probably planning on a war with Iran, i.e. "Armageddon." Note that our military, stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, is conveniently positioned on both sides of Iran. There have been reports that our Special Forces have been infiltrating Iran, and conducting terrorism and sabotage.

I believe that Justin Raimondo of Anti-War.com was the first to my knowledge who raised this possibility - that we're just treading water, waiting for an invasion of Iran. Iran just happens to be a crucial chokepoint for a key Land-Bridge route, which is necessary for a global economic recovery. A long war there in the near future would be sufficient to prevent a global recovery, which is what I suspect Puppet Obama means by "finishing the job there."