Thursday, November 19, 2009

British financial oligarchy covers its tracks leading to Katrina catastrophe

"A US judge has ruled that negligence by the US Army Corps of Engineers led to massive floods in parts of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005."
In his 156-page ruling, Judge Duval said he believed it was the failure to shore up the outlet that "doomed the channel to grow to two to three times its design width" and "created a more forceful frontal wave attack on the levee".

In fact, the blame lies at the feet of "free trade," the name given to the British financial oligarchy's economic warfare against the nation-state:

"The Bush-Cheney administration cut Army Corps allocations for the New Orleans district, treating the projects with monetarist madness as if they were 'pork-barrels,' while seeking to route every spare nickel into bailing out the collapsing world financial system and financing the Iraq war. Bush-Cheney gave an extreme 'free-market madness' characteristic to a 35-year period, in which City of London-Wall Street policy gutted every form of America's water management infrastructure, from waterways, to the provision of irrigation and clean drinking water, to ports and flood control systems. The transportation, power generation, and health and hospital systems were also stripped down."

If the judge had blamed the policies which stripped the Corps' budget, chances are that the BBC would not have publicized the decision. But it saw an opportunity to attack an institution created to strengthen a nation-state, and took it.