Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Empire reminds Russia that it hates rail

Just a few days ago in a blog entry below, I posed the question of how long it would be before we became involved in a war with Russia and China, now that they've embarked on a realistic economic-recovery plan, which includes considerable rail construction. Then yesterday, terrorists bombed the Moscow-St. Petersberg line just as a train passed over the bomb, killing at least 39 passengers, and the British-controlled media used the opportunity to attack the Russian government for its supposedly inept response. Perhaps if the British Empire hadn't waged decades of economic warfare and terrorism on Russia, it would be able to respond to British terrorism in a more timely manner. Some of the delay was no doubt caused by cautionary steps taken to prevent the first responders from becoming victims too (a second bomb did explode near the first, but nobody was injured).

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this latest attack is more "free trade," i.e. economic warfare against the nation-state, and that it belies the supposed British desire to improve transport efficiency to prevent "global warming." As should be evident by the parade of world "leaders" robotically goose-stepping to "Hopenhagen" despite "Climategate," the actual purpose of reducing CO2 consumption is to destroy global civilization and impose a global fascist state.