Saturday, November 7, 2009

Further evidence of Imperial alliance with "the terrorists"

In an earlier entry, I claimed that the British Empire, which I also call "the US/UK/Israel military/intelligence complex" and "the Satanist faction," is working with those it calls "the terrorists" and attacking mainly civilians and low-level "terrorists" (who are essentially civilians who have been indoctrinated with a sort of "kamikaze" mindset) in the guise of waging a war on "the terrorists." Meanwhile, terrorism is also being waged against civilians, and of course it's all attributed to "the terrorists" despite the evidence that the US/UK/Israel military/intelligence complex is directly responsible for some of it.

Now there are claims that the British military has been caught in the act of transporting Taliban forces around Afghanistan in helicopters, and that the journalist who exposed this practice has been murdered by British forces in the guise of rescuing him from kidnappers. All we will hear from our leaders on this matter is a deafening silence, because they know what's going on, and they're traitors who, if this were the Revolutionary War, would have been ordered by George Washington to be hung.