Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Harvard ethics professor equates bailout with "functioning economy"

November 25, 2009 (LPAC)—A telephone-meeting of "ethics" advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Nov. 23, on the task of ratifying an "ethics guidance" on how to ration scarce mechanical ventilators in the United States, in the event of a severe flu pandemic, was transformed from its intended purpose of being a patsy-approval session, into a hot confrontation from LaRouche activist Marcia Merry Baker (EIR, Economics), over how unethical it is to refrain from calling for building up infrastructure, and instead to spell out how to send groups of people to death.
A caller who identified herself as Marcia Baker argued that the government should build for the peak of a severe pandemic rather than focusing on categorizing patients into what she referred to as polite terms for lives not worthy to live.

Harvard University ethics professor Norman Daniels responded that he was very puzzled by Baker's comments. It seems you're suggesting we could purchase ventilators to meet any crisis, he said. I'd like to know whether you want to pay the taxes.

Baker said, Yes, and not pay the bailout.

Daniels countered. You don't want a functioning economy but you want all these ventilators?

[end of excerpt]

Coming from Daniels, who based on his writings appears to be a witting genocidalist, equating the bail-out with a functioning economy is probably an attempt to deceive. The so-called bail-out is purely parasitical - designed to save the tumor, and keep the patient alive only enough to preserve the tumor. They intend to eventually reduce a vastly reduced human race to zombies with artificial brains so that we'll make good slaves.