Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Health care reform" insider rails against progress

Well, listen to what was just published in a new book by Daniel Callahan, the head of the infamous Hastings Center, which is the headquarters for promoting British eugenics and euthanasia inside the U.S., and is among the masterminds of Obama's Nazi healthcare policy:

"We have a culture addicted to the idea of unlimited progress and to the technological innovation that is its natural child. In its present form, this is an unsustainable value. There must be limits. [The Great Oz has spoken.] American health care is radically American; individualistic, scientifically ambitious," Callahan complained ferociously. And then to his central point: "Although there seems at first no direct connection discernible between them, it is remarkable that global warming is now, finally being taken seriously in the United States [actually, it's the implicit threat behind the "global warming" fraud that's being taken seriously]; and that there is, simultaneously, a fresh push for serious health reform. In both cases, some deeply seated values must be changed, amounting in the end to fundamental alterations in our way of life. The drive for progress and constantly growing prosperity in the industrial order is behind the emergence of global warming [actually, the threat of progress, and the subsequent defeat of the British Empire, is behind the global-warming fraud]; and an analogous drive has created the cost crisis in health care [actually, British-inspired HMOs and other forms of fraud have caused it]. In both cases, technology occupies a central place." [Human progress is the real target.]

[end of excerpt]

There were also those who warned that the "high speed" of early trains would have some bizarre, catastrophic effect which never materialized, and considering that we were subsequently plunged into war to prevent the proper development of rail systems, I wouldn't be surprised if this strange claim about trains originated with the British oligarchy's "scientist"-puppets. Why not make our decisions based on the advice of someone besides those who spend their entire lives trying to wreck civilization and destroy mankind, for a change?