Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Man terminal with H1N1 saved by Vit C

When H1N1 (9 15 > 9 6 > 666) and a likely shortage of vaccine were first reported, I created an entry to this blog about the use of ascorbic acid to treat the disease. Just today, I found a story about someone who was terminally ill with H1N1, given intravenous ascorbic acid by his doctors (who fought the family's request to use Vit C), and was rescued from death's doorstep.

I have used ascorbic acid to treat a case of flu I once had, and found that it reduced the intensity of the symptoms. I wasn't using very large doses, but I was able to reduce the symptoms to the point where I wasn't suffering much. The effects I noticed fit with the theory proposed by Dr. Robert Cathcart, a major advocate of using massive doses of Vit C, and intravenous Vit C, to treat viral diseases. He claimed, essentially, that viral diseases cause their symptoms by generating large amounts of oxidants, which Vit C neutralizes.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has reported an apparent disinformation campaign surrounding H1N1, and there are some who claim that the hype is intended to get us to take vaccines which are intended for some nefarious purpose. But a lot of people have been vaccinated, and there have been no reports of widespread severe side effects, yet. There are still those who claim that vaccines are behind autism, and that a massive cover-up is underway. Considering how the media swept the recent exposure of the "global warming" camp under the rug, as if it never happened, I wouldn't be surprised.