Monday, November 2, 2009

What do we really know about bombings?

"Reporting from Rawalpindi, Pakistan - Militants continued to exact a price on Pakistan today for the government's ongoing offensive against the Taliban near the Afghan border, killing 35 people in a suicide bomb attack on military personnel and civilian workers lined up at a bank to get their monthly wages and pension checks."

All we really know is that an apparent suicide bomber apparently detonated a bomb, and that many people were killed and injured, some perhaps maimed for life. The rest is simply a narrative brought to us by the Empire of the Mind. For all we know, the "suicide bomber" didn't know that he/she was carrying a bomb, and it was detonated remotely. Even if the person carrying or wearing the bomb detonated it, they might have been motivated by a desire to protect their family or to obtain financial assistance for them. So, they weren't necessarily doing it for the reasons fed to us by the Empire's media.