Monday, December 7, 2009

Amanda Knox ordeal: not necessarily all evil

After further reading and reflection on the subject of Amanda Knox's unjust incarceration and "trial," I've realized that there are just too many gray areas in it for me to make a definitive statement about it without spending more time on it than I have.

Her ordeal might end up being a blessing for her in disguise, assuming she is released upon appeal. She is reportedly being well-treated by the prison guards and the other inmates, so her incarceration can hardly be compared to entombment in one of Dick Darkside's dark sites, or even in many prisons in the US. Although she's not having fun, she has been forced to abstain from drugs and promiscuity, and she has learned Italian, apparently quite well. If she continues to abstain from drugs upon release, she will get more from her education, and have a better shot at a good career.

Furthermore, I might have made some incorrect assumptions about the court system, the interrogators, and the prosecutor. Perhaps they truly are misguided anti-Satanists who believe that Knox's soul is at risk, and are willing to do things that appear to be evil in order to save her. Perhaps the Italian media are scapegoating her as a lesson to Italian youth, and perhaps Meredith Kercher's family truly believes the prosecutor's fantasy.

However, I think I can safely say that there is an obvious danger in falsely portraying Satanism as the caricature which organized Satanism has fed us, as the prosecutor has done.