Friday, December 11, 2009

Another reassessment of Amanda Knox's prosecutor

In a previous post, I gave Amanda Knox's prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, the benefit of doubts I had about his motives. However, upon being reminded that he requested solitary confinement for Knox, I have to revert to my original conclusion that he has a motive other than what is best for society and Knox. I don't know what these are, although I have my suspicions. It is one thing to lock her up where she is being treated well (hopefully only as long as it takes her to get an appeal or for the US to pressure the Italian government to intervene in this kangaroo court), but it is a sign of a sick or evil motive to request that she be placed in solitary confinement, especially for nine months (!) as he has requested, in the absence of the usual reasons for placing her in solitary for any time at all. The fact that he requested it should also call the ludicrous fantasy which he invented about Knox into question, even by those who bought it. Hopefully his prosecutors will use his request against him when he goes to trial for corruption.