Monday, December 7, 2009

Carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant?!

Although the global-warming liars' lies have been exposed, they are hardly going to admit that they've been lying. Instead, they've escalated. A prime example is that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson declared that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant, on the opening day of the global-warming liars' confab in Copenhagen, and just days after Houston got hit with a very rare snowstorm ("explained" as an effect of El NiƱo). What has she been inhaling? There are reports that Puppet Obama, showing his "cool" fascist stripes ever more brazenly, plans to impose CO2 reductions via EPA regulations, without even allowing Congress to have their say, based on Lisa Jackson's colossal lie. Oddly, he seems to think that the motion of planet relative to the stars determines the state of the economy, but not the temperature of the planet. When their lies get so lame, how much longer can it be before they just pull out the guns and start ordering us around?