Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Constitution is "off the table" whenever Brits crack the whip

Pelosi is famous for suspending the Constitution to protect Dick Darkside from impeachment. (She's apparently using less Botox lately, and I think she looks better, so at least she's doing something right.) Now, in connection with replacing health care with terminal sedation (supposedly - who knows what sort of horrible death aspiring "wizards" with a certificate from Mengele Medical Diploma Mill would rather impose on Grandma behind closed doors), their Lordships in London are again calling for the Constitution to be ignored, at best:

December 31, 2009 (LPAC)—A London School of Economics policy paper written earlier this year by Prof. Adam Oliver, specifically observed that the U.S. Constitution is a good example of a structure that is undesirable, because over time, people get "entrenched" ideas under its influence, and don't want to change their minds.

To understand the significance of this statement, it helps to realize how much influence the LSE has over US policy. In the above quotation, just forget the blather after the word "undesirable," because it's just a cover for their real reason, which is that the Constitution is based on the principle of the common good, and not, as is the British Empire, on the survival of the "fittest," i.e. those who are willing to commit monstrous crimes to get their way. They think they're God, and that they know which lives serve a purpose, and which do not. Not surprisingly, the Nazis didn't define any of their lives to be unworthy of living, even though they surrendered their free will to that little devil Hitler, who advocated the utter destruction of GERMANY because it had disappointed him! So, Margaret Thatcher did, or at least tried.