Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Diplock courts" which were used against "IRA": More SRA hidden in plain sight

"Amnesty International, for example, found that almost eighty percent of those convicted in Diplock courts were found guilty based on confessions given at notorious holding centres like Castlereagh and Gough Barracks, now both replaced by the fortress-like Antrim Holding Centre. It was simply a matter of those crown servants who inflicted the torture telling the crown's Diplock judge that the dedicated political suspect confessed as a matter of conscience and then immediately injured himself or herself. Jurors, of course, could not have been counted upon to stomach such testimony."

This is yet another example of how advanced Satanism/SRA, the purpose of which (possession) Rudolf Steiner identified as "radically evil," is typically conducted under cover of protecting us from some evil so horrible that the normal criminal system can't handle it, and the prevention of which requires the SUPPOSED perpetrators to be tormented and tortured once imprisoned. The fact is that British Special Forces, which started the Anglo-American SS, were behind much of the terrorism attributed to the IRA. An article entitled "IRA torturer was in the Royal Marines" from the [UK] Sunday Herald of December 15th, 2002, states:

"He was the most feared men inside the Provisional IRA. To rank-and-file volunteers, a knock on the door from John Joe Magee was the equivalent of a visit from the Angel of Death.

"However, court documents leaked to the Sunday Herald show that Magee, head of IRA's infamous internal security unit, was trained as a member of Britain's Special Forces. The IRA's torturer-in-chief was in reality one of the UK's most elite soldiers."

This is probably what's behind the many bombings which are taking place in the "war on terror" zone, and which the authorities always instantly attribute to some "Islamic terrorist" but have yet to lay out a single investigation into a single bombing to prove their allegation. (For "security reasons," no doubt.) There was an incident a few years ago in which British Special Forces were caught transporting a bomb in a car in Iraq while dressed as natives. After blowing up some Iraqis, they have carte blanche to round some up and start torturing them.

This put the grueling screening-out process and the "enhanced interrogation" to which ALL SF soldiers are supposedly subjected, in a new light. Perhaps they're actually intended as forms of SRA by a dirty faction within SF against the good guys in SF. Not all Special Forces operatives are the honorable, elite soldiers they're portrayed to be in the mass media. (Some people identified as SF soldiers don't look like they could make it in the regular Army.) Many are honorable and elite, such as Pat Tillman, but I surmise that they're partly intended as a smokescreen for the real purpose of Special Forces: dirty black ops which are attributed to some mysterious group which for some reason can't be stopped. Perhaps Tillman was going to expose this.