Thursday, December 10, 2009

Essence of "war on terror" remains

MEHTARLAM: Hundreds of angry residents took to the streets against what they called the killing of 15 civilians by US forces in eastern Laghman province Tuesday morning.

Mehtarlam dwellers claimed US forces killed 15 ordinary people including women and children during an overnight operation in the Armal village on the outskirts of the provincial capital.
But the provincial police chief, Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Omaryar, insisted several Taliban fighters were killed in the operation. He told Pajhwok Afghan News the incident was under investigation.

In Kabul, the press office of the International Joint Command (IJC) said Afghan and international security forces killed several enemy militants and detained a handful of others in the province.

The joint force was pursuing a Taliban IED facilitator, responsible for several suicide attacks in the region, the IJC said in response to an emailed query regarding the incident from this news agency.

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Every time I turn my attention to what is actually taking place in the "war on terror," I find this sort of thing. The pattern is that, in the name of pursuing terrorists, we are killing MAINLY innocents and perhaps low-level fighters outraged by the killing of innocents (and an endless series of outrages committed by the Satanist faction concealed within the US military and allied military forces). "Enhanced interrogation" and torture also continue in US prisons, according to a recent NYT article, which is what I would expect of a "war" which was always intended to be Satanism on a vast scale disguised as various things, including the Apocalypse. Naturally, this is a vastly oversimplified perspective, so I hope any of the good guys in the US military (who are the vast majority and are among the victims in this "war") won't take offense. Even a "war" intended as Satanism on a vast scale produces some good. So, a minimal number of terrorists and virtual-reality terrorists (e.g. supposed "Islamic terrorists" blamed for bombings which could just as well have been perpetrated by the Satanist faction within the occupation forces) can keep the "war" going forever, or until the top-secret Anglo-American SS has achieved its actual nefarious goals.

I also excerpted a section which reflects the "virtual reality" which the Satanist faction imposes upon the reality of dead civilians, by simply repeating the big lie that they killed supposed terrorists. But the "war on terror" is essentially a variation on the Israeli invasion of Gaza, which was a matter of unleashing Satanists armed with weapons of war (often used in a manner which would be criminal even if used against enemy soldiers, as in the case of white phosphorus) upon largely defenseless civilians.

The following passage provides another example of how "virtual realities" (a.k.a. "narratives") are imposed upon the reality of the "war on terror" in Afghanistan:

"Secondly, Obama talked about building up an adequately trained Afghan National Army (ANA) and handing over to them the security responsibility of Afghanistan. This he plans to achieve in 18 months before the supposed drawdown of the US troops from Afghanistan begins. The fact remains that the ANA is full of non-Pushtuns (mostly Tajiks) and the US/NATO troops are battling the Pushtun community. Obama knows it is a lie to say US/NATO troops are fighting the Taliban. In fact, only one out of ten insurgents in Afghanistan is a Taliban. It is also proven again and again that the ANA does not want to fight the Pushtun insurgents. They do not have the motivation to fight the Pushtuns on behalf of the occupiers."

In light of this, Obama's Nobel Prize acceptance speech can be seen as just more of his big lies.