Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Obama's attempt to replace the Constitution an impeachable offense?

"December 29, 2009 (LPAC)—President Obama and his top aides were directly involved in drafting the clauses in the Senate health bill which attempt to prohibit any future Congress from ever altering the Nazi 'T-4' cost-cutting policies emitting from the Independent Medicare Advisory Board."

I don't know how else to interpret Obama's attempt to use the government to create a medical board with control over the use of medical resources, OUTSIDE THE CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT, more permanent than even the Constitution itself, other than as an attempt to overturn the very Constitution which he swore to uphold. This is a blatant attempt to change the very form of our government - much like the Federal Reserve was created to usurp the key economic power of government, with the result of global economic devastation. Now that the Fed has completed its task of destroying the physical economy, Obama is trying to create a "medical Fed" AND MAKE IT THE VERY BEDROCK OF OUR GOVERNMENT so that it can finish the work of the Fed, and kill off those we can no longer afford to keep alive, thanks to the Fed's economic destruction.