Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Israel: Civilization is a dual-use technology

I was surprised to see that Google News as of 12/30/09 at noon EST had a link to Displaced and desperate in Gaza beneath the top story of moment, which was about Obama's outrage over the "security breach" which led to the "attempted bombing" NW Airline Flight 253 of Christmas 2009. Normally news of the plight of Israel's victims is reserved for those we want to turn into enemies.

The story is shocking for its evidence of "God's chosen" government's bottomless capacity for viciousness and deception. Note that Operation Cast Lead (i.e. Operation Bullet) took place just before the Bush wrapped up his 8-year-long stint as the hood ornament for the Neocon express. Obviously, the timing was intended to prevent responsibility from being assigned to either Bush or Obama. But now that Obama's ostensibly in charge, he cannot let Israel continue this unspeakable crime without exposing himself as a war criminal or a puppet of war criminals.