Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The original “shock and awe” (Rev A)

In the course of reading The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War more carefully than my previous perusals, for potential insights into the Italian power structure and Amanda Knox's ordeal, I didn't find what I expected, and I found a lot of insignificant but irritating transcription-errors (which I will correct soon), but I was also reminded that I had found a possible explanation for the ongoing terror-bombing campaign in Iraq when I read it previously. I should read my own blog.

In a nutshell, I contend that the massive suicide bombings which occur periodically in Iraq are being perpetrated by the "Apocalypse"-mongering Satanist Anglo-American-Israeli (US/UK/Israel) military-intelligence complex for purposes of what I call the 8th Sphere agenda of driving the higher souls of mankind out of the world. This is, after all, the ultimate purpose of the fake Apocalypse, and the ultimate goal of the forces of evil. It is questionable whether they will succeed, but only time will tell. The forces of good will do everything they can to prevent this, without violating our free will, in their high-level battle of wits with the Devil's minions.

Another likely purpose behind the bombings is to stimulate intense negative emotions, which feed the power of black magicians (not to be confused with Satanists, who are either pod-people or candidates for pod-peoplehood).

The section in Shaping which triggered this memory, which is the passage that originally gave me the idea, is "Strategic Bombing" - More Lessons from the Fascists. From its socialist perspective, it contends that "the Anglo-American SS" is out to destroy "the working class," which is just a different way of expressing my assertion, but perhaps without realizing that it's intended to be the eternal destruction of the crown of creation.

The following passage from the article might help to convey the suffering which many Europeans experienced during WWII, and which the Anglo-American SS did its utmost to maximize as part of the Devil's agenda:

“The earth-shattering conjuncture of the Great Depression, the rise of fascism, and the onset of the Second World War created a social catastrophe whose immense significance has never been fully appreciated by most Americans, given the relative sheltering of the United States from the world storm. What isolation couldn't hide, Allied propaganda about the ‘anti-fascist democratic’ war did. With the recovery under U .S. direction and control of the postwar capitalist economies and the opening or the Cold War by the Churchill-Rockefeller faction, the growth during the war of a hidden Anglo-American SS far more sophisticated than its German predecessor, remained a well-kept secret.”