Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our wonderful "free enterprise" transportation system

"WASHINGTON — A treacherous wintry storm slammed the East Coast on Saturday, dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas and creating misery for motorists on the weekend before Christmas."

It's hardly the stuff of car commercials, which typically depict the latest horseless carriage on some ideal road in ideal weather by itself, with a driver who couldn't be more thrilled than to be performing the job that could be done better, in all weather, with a magnetically-coupled rail or two - keeping the vehicle moving safely along the road at the optimum speed.

But at least our system is the least "socialist" possible, with cut-throat competition introduced at every possible level (except that of fascist financiers, like Felix Rohatyn, which impose our macroeconomic configuration upon us and which Adam Smith disguised as "the invisible hand," the supposed conglomeration of all factors, which has determined our existing system to be the best possible). So what if it all falls apart when the weather gets wet and cold? So what if our entire air-travel system locks up, trapping tens of thousands of people in airports whenever a large storm hits?

The typical excuse for not upgrading our transport system to incorporate maglev (which would be done by the private sector, after society decides the best approach based on advice from proven experts, and has the federal government issue credit for its implementation) is that it would be too expensive, without mentioning that over the long term and from a broad perspective, it would cost much less and revolutionize society for the better. (It certainly wouldn't cost the tens of trillions of dollars we recently shelled out for worthless financiers' gambling IOUs.) One would think that the "greenies" would advocate this highly efficient system, along with nuclear power to electrify it, in order to reduce those filthy "carbon" emissions (sometimes equated with soot) that are supposedly causing global warming (or at least preventing a full-blown ice age). The fact that they don't exposes them as anti-human, not pro-environment.