Friday, December 4, 2009

Quadruple cop killer's motive: now leaning toward possession

"The video first shows Clemmons' companion, a man dressed in a dark suit who identified himself only as Mr. Carlisle. Carlisle motioned toward Clemmons and told Jordan that Clemmons was Jesus Christ.
"Jordan said Clemmons told him he had followed God's instructions, making the three-day road trip to New York. 'God called me,' Clemmons told the minister."

Zoe Ministries just so happens to be on or very near a ley line in an area where I would expect the activity of beings from Satan's subphysical realm to be quite active, about 9 days before the summer solstice, when their activity peaks. The "Son of Sam" murders, which were actually the work of organized Satanism (Berkowitz took the fall), took place in this same general area.

It was in May that Clemmon's family began to think that he had gone insane. Because of his bizarre ideation and his ultimate terrible crime, I'm beginning to suspect that he was possessed by the Spririts of Darkness, a group of angels who are part of Satan's realm. For more on this form of possession, see my essays Andrea Yates and the Spirits of Darkness, Additional support for my Yates-possession hypothesis, and Miscellaneous Comments on the Andrea Yates Case.