Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Were the Eurostar train failures deliberate?

Because of my familiarity with the nature of SRA and the banality of the excuses enlisted in its service, I immediately detected a whiff of it emanating from the "incompetent" treatment recently inflicted upon Eurostar passengers, and the explanations (or lack thereof) for it, especially considering that the Eurotunnel was designed with such incidents in mind, and that there are no good excuses for what was done to them. It occurred to me that, because the explanation for the train failures seemed legitimate, any SRA might have been inflicted opportunistically by the Satanists who have been placed in key positions to allow organized Satanism to take down civilization by simply ordering them to abandon their posts all at once. (Perhaps the entire affair was meant as revenge for the outcome at Copenhagen.)

But then it occurred to me that the key to understanding whether or not it was deliberate might be located in the explanation for delaying the adoption of the new snow filters, which were ready to install before the incident occurred. I gave Eurostar management the benefit of the doubt by assuming that they might have simply decided that there was essentially zero chance that such conditions would take place, because they had fallen for "global warming" propaganda. However, as is often said, the Devil is in the details, so this explanation should be examined very carefully. But I doubt it will.