Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Despite recent and likely future airport chaos, the arbiters of our consensus reality refuse to acknowledge maglev

The nightmare continued Tuesday for travelers trying to fly to or from the Northeast. Airports opened but there were plenty of delays, even more lines and fears that delays could stretch on for days.

Even passengers whose flights got through amid the weekend's ferocious snowstorm suffered, with some international travelers to New York spending hours on the tarmac waiting to disembark.

Several fliers described the situation at various airports as chaos, with passengers jockeying for any available seat on a plane or even to rest at the gates.
Second, because maglev travel is independent of weather and can be reliably and precisely scheduled, delays and congestion will be virtually eliminated.

This is probably pretty much how the narration of the end of civilization will go: simply reporting the chaos, and the "explanations" from the "right" people, who of course will provide no real solutions, although they've existed for decades.

Monday, December 27, 2010

For 2011, Obama comes out of the closet: he's now an explicit fascist dictator

Obama has decided to dispense with Congress and start passing his own laws in favor of mass murder ("greenhouse gas" emission regulations and euthanasia regulations), and perhaps torturing elderly people to death. His GHG edict has been widely reported, but less well known is how he's secretly arranged to have a euthanasia provision inserted into his "health reform" bill, reported here. Shocking stuff, and if Congress doesn't impeach him for this egregious violation of the Constitution, maybe we can find some pictures of him in a compromising position with a young woman. There's nothing like a sex scandal to get Congress riled up.

My main concern with putting Grandma to sleep (at least Obama didn't lie about that - he said he didn't want to "pull the plug") is how we'll know the difference between deep sedation and a paralytic drug. This would be a fantastic opportunity for some "sorcerer's apprentices" who've graduated from the Mengele medical diploma mill, to torture some paralyzed old people to death. They would do it, given the chance.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

British financial bubbles, the basis of modern civilization

The Third China-EU High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, held in Beijing this week, has been the scene of some extraordinary fantasies by the spokesmen for the collapsing hulk known as the euro zone. The EU on Tuesday set up a "working panel" with China, hoping that, by loosening restrictions on high-tech exports to China, they will get Beijing to save them by buying up the trillions of dollars of junk currently driving the euro in oblivion.

Now we know why there's so much interest in finding planets in other solar systems lately. The entire universe should pitch in to save Lord Rothschild (who is after all its master), because we couldn't live without him and his mountain of baseless debt.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now we know why the North-South Korea division was created

South Korea's army and air force are preparing to hold their largest-ever live-fire exercise on Thursday near the inter-Korean border, as Seoul remains on high alert for any attacks by North Korea.

And if the North doesn't attack, the South will attack themselves, pretend that the North did it, and start a war between the US and China:
(CNN) -- North Korea is sending an onslaught of faxes to South Korea, blaming its neighbor for tensions over a disputed island, an official said Wednesday.

Earlier this month, faxes started arriving at South Korean companies, South Korean Unification Ministry deputy spokeswoman Lee Jong-joo said Wednesday. The faxes blame South Korea for the November 23 artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island. Four South Koreans, two military personnel and two civilians, died when North Korea hit the island with artillery.

Well, that's how the US and its puppet-states usually go to war - on false pretexts. But this situation indicates the South Korea was created specifically to ignite a war, an aspect of the "Apocalypse," precisely as the British empire's financial house of cards starts collapsing. Hopefully, the efforts to prevent a war will be successful, but it's beginning to look as if South Korea will provide itself with a pretext to invade the North, and then of course all hell will break loose.

Satan's "transportation" system delivers just in time for Christmas; or, soon-to-be dead men don't need infrastructure

Photo: A competitive, low-cost free-trade economy

You can find images galore of stranded travelers and vehicles stranded because they depend on a clear, unfrozen road or runway on which to roll, and with which to maintain traction, but the roads and runways are buried in snow and/or coated with ice. I chose a particularly disgusting one of a major highway in England (from Britain gridlocked after heavy snow brings travel chaos).

One of the most telling indications of the evil motive behind this gridlock is that it's not the first time that Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world, has been shut down by snow and ice. There is no good reason for it having been shut down right during the Christmas rush. (Now who would want to make people going on Christmas vacation suffer instead?) So, this indicates that it was intentional, and not just incompetence.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well, if it's not another fascist "Democrat"

Photo: Jerry Brown and his advisers arrive in Sacramento, murmuring something about George Schultz and balanced budgets.

Governor-elect Jerry Brown, at a Dec. 14 forum on the California budget, said that he intends to have a fast-track budget agreement within 60 days of presenting his budget, so then there can be a special election on whether to raise taxes or impose the cuts. The Los Angeles Times reports that Brown has refused to publicly discuss his budget plans, but has met privately with lawmakers and interest groups.
Said State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, "It's time to make cuts, I believe deep cuts. I'd do the 25% across the board and just say those who wanted less government, you're going to get your wish."

Then out of the other side of their mouths, they talk of Obama's "recovery." The fact is that this destruction of the US is Obama's recovery - of the good old medieval days for which his masters long.

Monday, December 20, 2010

British "solution" to collapse? More of what caused it, of course!

New Jersey governor Chris Christie summarised the problem succinctly: "We spent too much on everything. We spent money we didn't have. We borrowed money just crazily. The credit card's maxed out, and it's over. We now have to get to the business of climbing out of the hole. We've been digging it for a decade or more. We've got to climb now, and a climb is harder."

So there's your conventional wisdom, spoon-fed to us by an overtly British publication (as opposed to British-run "American" media): just shut down government, and abandon the peasants to their fates. The only problem is that we've been following this advice for a long time, and things just keep getting worse. It's time to wake up and smell the sewage coming from London (which has only been trying to destroy the US since 1776) and from the mouths of their lackeys such as Christie, the media's poster-boy for "fiscally responsible" local government. There will be no recovery unless we get rid of Barack "yes we can kill you" Obama, give ourselves a flea dip with Glass Steagall, and get going on NAWAPA. The basic idea is to start producing the basis of an economy, and to stop supporting a bunch of drunken, gambling bankers who designed this "economy," whom we just bailed out to the tune of $15 trillion, and who are still demanding more while telling us that OUR credit is bad.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Devil's empire thinks China's getting too uppity

Just as Lyndon LaRouche was warning that the British imperial Inter-Alpha Group faction was gunning for China, The Economist came out with a 16-page special report on China's rise, proving LaRouche was right again. The special section in the Dec. 4, 2010 edition presented a typically precise profile of China's economic and military emergence as a clear Asian power, but posed the rise of China as a great power in purely geopolitical "Great Game" terms, and posited the idea that, while U.S.-China relations can progress, chances are very good that there will be a growing U.S. versus China confrontation in the near future.

The actual reason is implied by this blog's title. How long before Joe Lieberation starts beating the drums for war with China?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tony "Damien Thorn" Blair in US, rallying the forces of darkness

Since at least December 10, Tony Blair, the British Empire criminal who got us into the illegal Iraq war, has been in the U.S., continuing to screw up U.S. policy in Southwest Asia and the Muslim world, and trying to build up for a war against Iran.
Just before his arrival in the U.S., Blair's "Faith Foundation" announced on Dec. 2 that it had chosen the first American university associate—honoring Wheaton College in Illinois, the notorious "Armaggedon U." that has nourished the growth of the warmongering doctrine of "Christian Zionism" since the 1980s.

This is very ominous, partly because it's taking place at a time when the global financial system hangs by a thread, when LaRouche would expect the "final conflict" to be launched. Blair's public appearances were probably just a cover for his top-secret meetings with the "Armageddon" faction in the US.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Why tax the rich to support a lost cause ?

The U.S. Congress passed an $858 billion bill extending for two years all Bush-era tax cuts, sending the measure to President Barack Obama for his signature.
Obama is scheduled to sign the measure into law at 3:50 p.m. today at the White House, the administration said in an e- mailed statement.

Looks like feudalism's recovery is going just swimmingly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, that Holbrooke - a kidder to the end

Administration officials sought to clarify that, according to people who were present, Holbrooke's final words, "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan," were part of a jovial back-and-forth with the medical staff.

Everyone knows that this must have been in jest, since the "war" was ordered by Lord Satan and is therefore beyond human control.

Obama's big lie du jour

President Obama on Wednesday sat down with chief executives from major companies such as Boeing, Comcast, General Electric and Google for a lengthy "working meeting" to urge them to do more hiring to bring down unemployment and work with him to strengthen the economic recovery.

"I am looking forward to getting good ideas from them, but I am definitely going to talk to them about how we can get more hiring out there," Obama told reporters as he walked across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to attend the meeting at Blair House.

Here's what we're supposed to imagine: "Since you're so wonderful, Mr. President, we admit that we've been holding out on technologies that will solve every problem on Earth."

The notion that he's going to get ideas is probably just a cover story intended to boost his ratings, and a pathetic one at that. He continues to ignore the best source of ideas on the planet, whose first priority is to get this nut case out of the White House.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Economic recovery on Planet Consumer!

Sales at U.S. retailers rose more than forecast in November as holiday shopping got under way, a sign consumers will play a bigger role in the recovery.

Purchases increased 0.8 percent, following a 1.7 percent gain in October that was larger than previously estimated....
The holiday-shopping “season got off to a really solid start,” said Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial in New York, who correctly forecast the increase in sales. “There’s no question this will be the strongest quarter for consumer spending since before the recession. The economy has pretty good momentum going into the new year.”
Record-setting demand will result in nearly 1.3 million pounds of food being distributed this year through the Greater Dover-New Philadelphia Food Pantry.

I'm sure those slick economics writers who can whip up a virtual recovery on the basis of an isolated bit of data will have some explanation for this apparent flaw in their recovery scenario.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pelosi openly dismissed the Constitution

( - When asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday where the Constitution authorized Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance--a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill--Pelosi dismissed the question by saying: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Pelosi: The Constitution be damned! I've got my orders from a higher power - the great and powerful Ozama! I had my fingers crossed when I took the oath of office!

Col. Michael Aquino, Spec Ops Vietnam, would be proud of his children (revised)

Revision: added last para.

Details of the incident remain sketchy, but the ISAF statement claims that its troops had detained an alleged arms dealer and had moved on to “investigate suspected insurgent activity” at a housing compound in Rohani Baba. The seven men, some of whom were allegedly armed, were sitting in and around an SUV. After they were ordered in Pashtun to leave the compound, one man, carrying an AK-47, began to walk toward the occupation troops. He was shot dead. Some of the other men returned fire and in the resulting gun battle, all seven were killed.

And he had his right hand extended in what appeared to be a hostile gesture!

Actually, they were there not to investigate suspected insurgent activity, but to stimulate insurgent activity. The point is to kill a few people to create more enemies, and get the cycle of violence going again. But that's Special Forces [65 66], which has the highest concentration of budding "wizards," and due to their secretive nature, these units might include civilians flown in for the festivities. Afghanistan could very well be for the "benefit" of any Satanist on the planet who needs to get a little killing and torturing under his belt. Your tax dollars at work.

(In the image above, note the Egyptian character of Aquino's "occult" trappings, such as the image of Annubis, an Egyptian god of the underworld with demonic characteristics, behind Aquino. This indicates a connection to the Cult of Isis and Aleister Crowley.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Human IDF soldiers puzzled by "wizards" in the ranks

A conscript from the Givati Brigade, for example, describes how troops in the company operating next to his inside Gaza during 2008 had talked about an event earlier in the day. After knocking on the door of a Palestinian house and receiving no immediate answer, they had placed a "fox" – military slang for explosives used to break through doors and walls – outside the front door. At that very moment, the woman of the house had reached the door to open it.

Deceive yourself not! Death is sheer delight to you. Torture is supreme fascination.
In WAR [as distinguished from "war"] the rules are destruction, and with destruction you are your true self. Creation is alien to your nature, but destruction, devastation, violent mutilation of the flesh and the laying waste of all the land; these are concepts you can understand, these are actions to which you can give yourself with body, mind and soul, and revel in the joys of their fulfilment.
Feel the bloodlust rising in your veins....
Strip yourself bare to the roots of your bestial nature. Let the animal loose in you. Become as you are: the Beast, naked and proud, teeth bared and eyes aflame, your feet firm planted on the ground, your face towards the enemy. Release the Fiend that lies dormant within you [1], for he is strong and ruthless, and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty.

Despite the demonic words which someone put in Satan's mouth, I am sickened by the fate of the woman who opened the door. At least she didn't suffer.

What sort of a person would respond to a slow response to a door knock by planting an explosive on the door? Only a member of the IDF's Satanist faction, with their characteristic soulless brutality, assured that no war crime is too great to prevent Congress from sending "Israel" billions in military aid on the basis of a set of pathetic excuses.

Breaking the Silence is the product of IDF soldiers who have consciences and no plans to get rid of them, and who are appalled at and puzzled over the actions and attitudes of the IDF's Satanists who are implementing the Devil's agenda in their corner of the world, with the intent of lighting the world aflame. Hopefully, the information on this site will get to them and at least put an end to their confusion on this matter.

[1] A reference to the low-level Satanic beings of destruction known as demons, whose proper sphere lies just beneath the human soul, not within. "Release the fiend" is an appeal to open one's soul to demonic possession.

Celebrating "fiscal responsibility" in Ireland

Irish children are now scavenging in bins for food, such is the dire level of poverty among some families, even as the Dublin government transferred billions from the poor to the rich. Senior AIB (Anglo-Irish Bank) bankers, many of whom were responsible for the practices [glorified gambling] which led to implosion of the Irish banking system, are to receive forty million euro in "bonuses" from the Fianna Fáil/Green Party coalition government.

Well, someone has to keep Lord Rothschild up to his eyeballs in Rolls and truffles. It's not his fault that his bets went sour.

Celebrating liberation in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a nation where 850 children die every day, about a quarter of the population goes hungry. The UN says that 7.4 million Afghans live with hunger and fear of starvation, while millions more rely on food help, and one in five children die before the age of five.
Standing next to him was a man who quietly handed me three crumpled photos, never lifting his eyes from the ground. The spokesperson identified the man as his cousin. The first picture showed his cousin’s ruined home. A U.S. aerial bombardment had destroyed the dwelling. The next pictures were of two bloodied children. "All of his children were killed," the spokesperson said. "All his family, his wife, his five children, by an attack from the air."

There was no indication that he was or planned to be reimbursed for his "accidental" loss. This is mainly because is wasn't accidental - the "war on terror" is actually a war on civilization and mankind (including most of the US soldiers involved). This is why Obama has been resisting efforts to eradicate the opium poppies and drug labs in Afghanistan. The idea is to create Hell on Earth and disguise it as the fulfillment of prophecy which includes a hellish period, but ends with Heaven on Earth. So, that would make John Hagee and his ilk monsters with fake halos.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wikileaks: By their fruits ye shall know them

The 'hacktivists' are a new breed of online protesters ready to engage in acts of cyber-disobedience against corporations, politicians and religious institutions in the name of defending their ideals.

So, what are Wikileaks' ideals? What have they revealed that hasn't been far surpassed, many times before? Where is the exposé of the conspiracy to destroy civilization, kill most of the human race, and create a Satanic world order on its ashes in the guise of fulfilling prophecy which culminates in Heaven on Earth? There is none, because as indicated by Wikileaks' allies' attempt to unleash chaos by sabotaging the internet, they're part of it, and they'll leak what their British masters pay them to leak, and leak it to whom they are paid to leak it. Such public defenders.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Camilla attacked in tunnel of anarchists

Officers guarding the royal couple were using radios on a different channel from those patrolling Thursday’s student riots, meaning they received no warning that protesters were blocking their route.

As a result, dozens of thugs subjected the convoy to an attack in which the Duchess was jabbed in the ribs with a stick through an open car window as the couple were being driven to the Royal Variety Performance.
Sir Paul, who was said to have felt “let down” by the royalty protection squad, ordered an internal inquiry to find out why an alternative route was not used, and why the couple were driven in a poorly protected 33-year-old limousine, rather than a modern, armour-plated vehicle.

How stupid do you have to be to drive a royal couple into a crowd of protesters in an unarmored car with an open window, knowing that there are often members of the "black bloc" among them? Perhaps Prince Philip has a problem with Camilla potentially ascending to the throne. Why doesn't anything like this ever happen to him?

Woman allegedly "not tortured" children

The girlfriend of John DeBlase, the Alabama man accused of murdering and discarding of the bodies of his two young children, is on her way back to Alabama where she will face upgraded charges, court officials told ABC News.
The arrest warrant charges DeBlase with allowing Leavell-Keaton to torture Chase while the two slept.

"Allowing Heather Leavell-Keaton (his girlfriend) to duck-tape the childs hands to the side of his legs, tape a broom handle to his back, placing a sock in his mouth and duck-taping it to his mouth, then making the child stand in a corner all night when they went to bed," the warrant says.

According to police Natalie was not spared the abuse allegedly meted out by DeBlase and Leavell-Keaton, his girlfriend since 2008.

A separate arrest warrant outlines that Deblase allegedly allowed Leavell-Keaton to duct-tape Natalie's hands and feet before stuffing her in a suitcase.

She could claim that the kids were enemy combatants and that she was interrogating them. It would be almost as credible as the excuses for Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the black sites, etc. If the above claims are correct, she was probably trying to achieve the same results (superhuman powers), not realizing as usual that the actual effects are the opposite (subhuman compulsions).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Website revision

In Aleister Crowley: Just another diabolical British agent, I provided evidence that Aleister Crowley conspired with several of the most evil members of the British oligarchy (not just agents, but actual members of the oligarchy). But I neglected to include a passage from The Witchcraft of Chritians Who are Not Christians which states that Dirty Bertie Russell was a high priest of the Cult of Isis. This has been corrected in the latest revision.

So, there's Crowley's likely connection to the Cult of Isis which I assumed to exist although I overlooked this obvious connection. It could be that Russell, whom I suspect to have been possessed, was the instigator behind Crowley's initiative to create a "black magic" facade for Satanism.

Grasping at straws for "evidence" of "global warming"

PARIS (AFP) - – Israel's worst-ever forest fire earlier this month confirms predictions on the impact of global warming in the Mediterranean basin, according to one of Israel's leading climate experts.

"The fire disaster in the Carmel Mountains near Haifa is a taste of the future," Guy Pe'er, co-author of Israel's National Report on Climate Change, said on Wednesday.

NEARLY A DECADE AGO, Pe'er and other scientists warned that warming would create conditions such as heat waves, decreased and delayed rainfall, leading to a higher risk of intense forest fires.

Israel has one other water supply: the Crystal Plain Aquifer. It is located in the coastal plain between Mount Carmel and Rafah in the Gaza Strip and extends under the Mediterranean Sea. Israel has a lofty reputation for having developed commercial drip irrigation. Yet Israel has mismanaged the Crystal Plain Aquifer. It has allowed salts and nitrates from agricultural wastewater to seep into it. And Israel has depleted this aquifer’s water table to below sea level, causing seawater to infiltrate it. The result is that at least 20% of the water in the Crystal Plain Aquifer has become contaminated. When this happens, the damage is usually irreversible.

Might it be rather that the trees are just dried out because "Israel" hasn't pursued LaRouche's Oasis Plan, perhaps because Jacob Rothschild expected it to have been nuked by now as part of "fulfilling prophecy?" Dead men don't need infrastructure.

Fed loans indicate its control over the macro-economy

Two aspects of these reports are most shocking. First, foreign banks and financial corporations tapped 4,200 different loans/securities purchases under 13 different bailout programs of the Fed for $3.8 trillion total: the credit/financial arms of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, BMW, VW, Honda....

I also understand that Ford got a secret shot in the arm. So, it essentially pumped up our inefficient transport-bubble, and not a dime for maglev. The whole point is to keep the illusion of prosperity going a little longer until they can no longer conceal the collapse of the physical economy, by which time they figure it will be too late to do anything about it.

The self-appointed "gods" of "free trade" aren't inept - they're evil, and they believe they have the right to decide whose lives are worth living. Not surprisingly, they've decided that theirs are and most of ours aren't. If they hadn't devoted the last few hundred years to preventing our development, because it's the only way they can stay on top (since they're unsuited for further evolution), they would be nothing more than a quaint relic, as they appear to be to most people. But they aren't, as indicated by the Duke of York's recent inadvertent allusion to the British empire's sponsorship of 9-11, and by their control of our recent Presidential basket cases. (To see where he'll be in a couple of years, Obama should look at Bush.) It is in this suppression of our consciousness-evolution where you will find their alliance with the Devil, the arch-enemy of all development.

One giant step into the past

Yesterday’s successful test flight of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft marks the beginning of a new era in orbital space flight. With a $1.6 billion contract with NASA, SpaceX is planning on delivering 44,000 pounds of cargo with 12 flights to the International Space Station.

And the really neat thing is that they were able to order everything over the internet at a huge discount, and everything was made with wind and solar power.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So gridlock's cheaper than maglev?

As you read the ever more frequent reports of roads being impassible, airports being closed, and ground-level trains being inoperable due to snow accumulation as "global warming" sets in more and more, think how different things would be if we had adopted elevated maglev rail systems, and even maglev systems in underground, evacuated tunnels (to supplement air travel). We're told it's too expensive, but over the long run, it would be much less expensive than our existing transportation system, and it would revolutionize society for the better. It all starts with removing the British puppet, whose idea of infrastructure implies global genocide, from the Presidency.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Then Obama said "Let there be dark age infrastructure"

Obama has seen the future, and it's "wind farms and solar plants!" In a speech yesterday at a North Carolina Community College, which the White House billed as previewing a central focus of Obama's Presidency for the coming months....

This is some of the best evidence that Obama's masters are planning a dark age in which there will be no industry of any significance. They're in a rush to harness civilization's remaining industrial capacity to build themselves dark-age infrastructure before they pull the plug on civilization and most of us "useless eaters." (This is partly why they insist that "global warming" is real - it "justifies" their insistence on solar and wind power, when their true motives are inadmissible.) Then they'll dump Obama, the narcissist/alien, because he will have outlived his usefulness as a soulless puppet, although they might let him stay on as a royal dog walker as long as he promises to keep his poetry to himself.

Wall Street explains gold price rise - "it's not us!"

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Gold prices were popping early Tuesday morning after president Barack Obama's agreement to extend Bush-era tax cuts triggered worries that the move would increase the nation's deficit problems and weaken the U.S. dollar.

Oh! And here I thought it had something to do with Beranke's announcement that he's about to pump another several hundred billion unbacked bucks into the economy. Thank you, The [Wall] Street, for setting me straight. Where would we be without your financial insider's perspective?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Schwarzenegger has cutting on his mind

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a fiscal emergency and is asking lawmakers to meet in a special session to save the state $9.9 billion over the next two years.

Sacramento Bee political columnist Dan Walters tells us he thinks we shouldn’t overstate the scale of the problem
Schwarzenegger on Monday unveiled a plan that relies largely on cuts to health care and social services for the poor.

$9.9 billion dollars just happens to be 9.9 10exp9, i.e. 666. So many to kill, so little time, right?

Is this Bradley Manning's idea of patriotism?

A secret list of facilities deemed "vital" to the United States and in need of protection from terrorism has been released as part of the files made public by WikiLeaks.

First of all, I'm not sure that leaking this list of sensitive infrastructure will actually contribute to sabotage. Those who run terrorism have other means of obtaining this information. However, it might be a signal that such sabotage is about to begin.

Still, I'd like to hear Manning justify leaking this information, and I'd like to see a few of those who allowed Manning to download vast amounts of sensitive information be held responsible.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Was Bernanke's appearance on 60 Minutes supposed to reassure us?

But this is the worst recovery the nation has ever seen. Ben Bernanke is concerned. As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernanke has enormous power over the world economy. And he has used that power in ways that the world has never seen.

During the panic of 2008, he committed trillions of dollars to rescue the financial system. And the Fed dropped interest rates nearly to zero.

Now, in a new move that has become controversial, Bernanke intends to commit another $600 billion to hold down interest rates.

Chairmen of the Fed rarely do interviews. But this week, Bernanke feels he has to speak out because he believes his critics may not understand how much trouble the economy is in.
Pelley: Is there anything that you wish you'd done differently over these last two and a half years or so?

Bernanke: Well, I wish I'd been omniscient and seen the crisis coming, the way you asked me about, I didn't. But it was a very, very difficult situation. And the Federal Reserve responded very aggressively, very proactively.

Now you know why Fed chairmen rarely do interviews. For example, the claim that the Fed has enormous power over the economy contradicts the notion that we have a "free market" economy ruled by the enlightened self-interest of billions of people. Then there's the admission that he's thrown trillions of dollars at "the problem" (gambling IOUs of foreign banks) and that the economy remains in such bad condition that even his critics can't comprehend it. (Of course, as ordered, he's pretending that LaRouche doesn't exist.)

On the bright side, Bernanke has probably convinced a lot of people to take LaRouche more seriously.

Wikileaks, "renegade" division of the MSM

LONDON - Speculation was growing Friday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is hiding somewhere in Britain after British police requested additional information from Swedish authorities seeking his arrest.
Private individuals in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states friendly to the United States are the chief source of funding for al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist groups, according to leaked US diplomatic cables.

The notion that the Telegraph is an objective source of information, reporting the "hidden truth" revealed by Wikileaks, is something only the clueless could believe. Again, Wikileaks has revealed itself as a purveyor of British propaganda (with enough "limited hangouts" to appear to be a true renegade). LaRouche exposed the Saudi connection to Al Qaeda, along with the British link to the Saudi slush fund, years ago, and the Telegraph, a front for British intelligence, didn't report that, naturally. Nor has it published any reviews of Dope, Inc., the book that drove the British empire even crazier, believe it or not.

Airport scanner safety, with "radiation hormesis" considered

Full body scanners at airports could increase your risk of skin cancer, experts warn. The X-ray machines have been brought in at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow. But scientists say radiation from the scanners has been underestimated and could be particularly risky for children.

They say that the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin – one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body – that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated.

An airport staff member demonstrates a full body scan at Manchester Airport. Now a U.S expert has said the X-Ray may deliver a higher radiation dose to the skin than first thought.

Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s centre for radiological research, said although the danger posed to the individual passenger is ‘very low’, he is urging researchers to carry out more tests on the device to look at the way it affects specific groups who could be more sensitive to radiation.
Such scanners only become somewhat worrisome when they are used as the primary method of scanning passengers, said David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Center.

"From an individual's point of view, the risks are going to be small," Brenner said in a phone interview.

As for the actual radiation dose, he said the typical backscatter machines deliver about 0.1 microsevert of radiation. [1 Sievert = 100 Rems.] The average chest X-ray, by comparison, delivers 100 microseverts of radiation, and a chest computed tomography or CT scan delivers 10,000 microseverts.
The amount of radiation a person receives is called dose, and is normally measured in mrem or uSv. The average person in the US gets about 360 mrem [3.6 mSv] per year from background sources. So, that is about 1 mrem [0.01 mSv or 10 uSv] per day (average). The backscatter scanners will give a scanned person a few urem, or less than 2% of one day's background radiation dose [20 urem or 0.2 uSv]. From a risk stand point, this is insignificant, compared to other risks we encounter every day.
The beneficial health effects of radiation observed in the Taiwan Co-60 contamination incident are so unique, they could also coincidentally explain the theory developed by Dr. T.D. Luckey, and his Complete Dose-Response Curve as shown in the last page of his book, “Radiation Hormesis 1991.” THE DOSE OF CHRONIC RADIATION OF ABOUT 100 MSV/Y IS OPTIMUM TO HEALTH WITH UP TO 10 SV/Y STILL BEING IN THE HORMETIC RANGE. Dr. Luckey predicted in his paper at the 1999 American Nuclear Society annual meeting in Boston that IF THE AMERICAN POPULATION RECEIVED A SUPPLEMENTAL RADIATION DOSE THROUGH THE PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE OF ABOUT 55 MSV, 49 % OF THE CANCER DEATHS OF THE US POPULATION (ABOUT 200,000 AMERICANS) COULD BE PREVENTED EVERY YEAR. Of course, many people were shocked by his suggestion. However, findings from this study suggest the potential of radioactive vaccines to prevent cancers.

Assuming the worst case - that the effective dose of radiation delivered to the skin is indeed 20 times the amount specified by the scanner manufacturers and the government, the equivalent dose would be 400 urem or 4 uSv. Considering that the optimal "hormetic" annual dose of radiation is 100,000 uSv, and that we get about 3600 uSv per year from background radiation, we could safely get screened thousands of times per year. Furthermore, it would seem that even pilots should have nothing to fear from the radiation they receive at high altitudes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prisoner 650: A lab rat in a Bonesman-protected black-magic experiment

A February 19, 2010 cable discussed a February 16 Gilani/Senator John Kerry meeting at which he:

"asked USG to consider repatriating Dr. Aafia Siddiqui on humanitarian grounds. He said that this was a very contentious issue in Pakistan, adding that by returning Dr. Siddiqui 'the US would be in the Pakistani people's good graces.' Both Gilani and Interior Minister Reham Malik assured Kerry that the GOP would honor the terms of Dr. Siddiqui's jail sentence, and suggested that she complete (it) under house arrest (in Pakistan). Kerry agreed to look into the prisoner transfer issue."

Likely not too hard as over nine months later, action didn't follow. Siddiqui is either in New York City isolation or at FMC "CarsHELL," perhaps there to die. If so, at least she'll have the peace she's been denied for over seven and a half years of brutal imprisonment, isolation and torture.

What did you expect from a weasly Bonesman such a Kerry? He's a clueless appendage of Satan's British empire, whose mission is to occupy a seat in the Senate and help the Empire create Hell on Earth with his votes. The destruction of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's mind/soul will be a real feather in his master's hat. Not long after he dies, he'll realize that S&B's ludicrous existentialist "philosophy," palmed off as the hidden truth reserved for the elite, is a bunch of crap, and that his accommodations in the next world will resemble those to which he has abandoned Dr. Siddiqui.

Friday, December 3, 2010

UK Independent exposed Churchill as a white-supremacist monster

Skeletal, half-dead people were streaming into the cities and dying on the streets, but Churchill – to the astonishment of his staff – had only jeers for them. This rather undermines the claims that Churchill's imperialism was motivated only by an altruistic desire to elevate the putatively lower races.

Churchill also helped to bring Hitler to power, to protect him from assassination plots by patriotic Germans, and to otherwise drag out WWII as long as possible to destroy Europe as much as possible. His famous "V for victory" salute was probably actually a salute to the Devil, whose Hebrew symbol (shown above) resembles Churchill's salute. The guy was pure evil, and Bush, who has also saluted the Devil (in the guise of a university cheer-sign), considered him to be a hero.

One of the Queen's worst nightmares: An inexpensive cure for heroin addiction

On March 8th 1977, Dr Irwin Stone of the U.S.A. wrote to us and said, "please drop me a line quickly and let me know if narcotic addiction is a serious problem in Australia. We have developed a non-toxic, detoxication procedure where we can take the addicts off heroin or methadone with no withdrawal symptoms. The addicts have no desire to return to the drug and if they do take a "fix," it is like injecting plain water, the detoxication is so complete and rapid.

The Empire on the march

The House of Representatives voted to censure Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) 333 [appropriately] to 79 on Thursday, reports the New York Times. Censure is the worst punishment the House can mete out, short of kicking Rangel out of the chamber altogether.

President Obama's fiscal commission approved a plan today to cut federal deficits by $3.9 trillion over the next decade, providing momentum for fiscal austerity without gaining the super-majority needed to prompt immediate congressional action.

It's no coincidence that Congressman Rangel was censured when he was, for pettier offenses than those for which anyone had previously been censured, because the next day, the fiscal commission was scheduled to vote for the Nazi Schachtian "budget balancing" agenda of Alan "Bloodbath" Simpson and Erskine Bowles (of the Earth). It helps to remember that the basic Nazi recipe is to first destroy the economy and then to kill those they define as "parasites" in order to "fix the economy." But the Third Reich was just a practice run for what they're planning to do in the near future.

Obama, the "human" equivalent of an opium-running ship belonging to the British East India Company, had tried to get rid of Rangel by assassinating his character before the election. But that didn't work, so he had to destroy his influence through this nauseating display of raw power. Appropriately, the chief whore Pelosi, who actually resembles the madam for a House of ill repute, did Her Majesty's dirtiest work. There's a palace in Hell especially for them.

Now, the rest of Congress can follow HMS Obama's course leading to the destruction of civilization and mankind, knowing that nobody supports Rangel any more. The demonic Alan Simpson is drooling and rubbing his hands together in anticipation of all those "tough choices," i.e. deciding who needs to die for the good of Satan's British empire.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eight brave "sorcerer's apprentices" beat up an old man (revised)

(Revison: added image & last para.)
TUCSON, Ariz. -- A 71-year-old man who was beaten unconscious by several men near Picacho Lake on Nov. 21 said he is still trying to make sense of the attack.

“I know there are people like that out there in this world, but I don’t expect to encounter someone like that,” said James Goswick.

“They were just looking for trouble,” he said about his attackers. “That’s the only thing I can think of. I don’t believe I said anything smart to them or anything like that.”

Someone living in the Tucson, Arizona area referred me to this report, which puzzles most people. The utter lack of humanity exhibited in this revolting display of gratuitous cruelty, which is the essence of Satanism, is precisely the attitude required to open oneself to demonic possession. Harry Potter fans who pursue "black magic" in earnest will eventually find themselves doing similar things. However, by the time they get to this stage, they probably will have become possessed in an initial "Nietzschean superman" form, through abandonment to their lower impulses (sex, anger), which provides some of the impetus for abuse.

Before I posted the initial version of this post, I checked the location of the attack relative to the Earth Grid, using Google Earth with the UVG Grid overlay available here. The proximity provided additional circumstantial evidence to support my suspicions, but I forgot to mention it in the initial version. For information on why proximity to the Earth Grid matters, see Satanism and the Earth-Grid.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vit D panel ignores experts

The report got a stern rebuke from some well-known vitamin D researchers, who see the increases as woefully inadequate. “This was a big waste of money,” says Hollis. “I agree with their recommendations for the first year of life,” he says, citing the panel's target of 400 IU for infants, a doubling from the previous recommendation. But he was puzzled that this recommendation didn’t extend to the children’s mothers. Despite outweighing infants by ten times or more, he says, women — and men — saw their vitamin D recommended daily intake set at only 600 IU for ages 9 to 70. People over 70 should get 800 IU a day, the panel said.
The IOM [Institute of Medicine] panel consisted of 14 scientists who met eight times and reviewed the relevant literature. Hollis openly questioned the composition of the panel. “Anybody who had ever expressed an opinion [on vitamin D] was not allowed anywhere near this committee,” he says.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A message that British agent Assange would never leak

Let's just consider what that actually means: in Ireland our homegrown golden circle, the men who walk between the raindrops no matter how bad the economic weather, can privatize their profits and socialize their losses.
Nov 29 (Reuters) - The White House ordered tighter security on Monday to prevent leaks like the release of more than 250,000 State Department cables that have embarrassed the U.S. government and some of its allies.

We're supposed to believe that it never occurred to the US military that some traitor might steal classified information until after "discovering" that Bradley Manning walked out of a secure facility with CDs full of secret files. Now, the major media (controlled by the British empire) is making sure that everyone on the planet gets to see this information, which just conveniently inflames relationships between countries that should be cooperating more than ever to get out of the global economic crisis. Yet the truly explosive summary of the financial crisis cited at the top of this entry, is hardly being parroted by The Financial Crimes, which has been dutifully lapping up every dribble from Assange.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who does this woman think she is - Queen Elizabeth?

MADRID — After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner -- a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the star at a local notary public as being her property.
Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent to the nation's pension fund.

She would dedicate another 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger -- and would keep the remaining 10 percent herself.

"It is time to start doing things the right way, if there is an idea for how to generate income and improve the economy and people's well-being, why not do it?" she asked.

At first, I thought that she had obtained ownership of the Sun from the UN to bail her out of her derivatives debts, but it turns out that she used an equally legitimate method: some words on a piece of paper, notarized. If she actually makes a significant amount of money, then the lawyers and the courts will get involved to ensure that it ends up in the "right" pockets. Free trade ahoy.

This is an excellent illustration of the oligarchy's economics-mentality: producing nothing, but simply claiming ownership of something real and demanding payment.

Website revision

Saturday, November 27, 2010

British response to economic collapse: unleash the dogs of "Armageddon"

NOV. 26, (LPAC)—According to several senior U.S. intelligence sources, President Obama is now personally favoring a near term Israeli attack on Iran, if Iran does not strike a binding deal to halt their alleged nuclear weaponization program in the immediate weeks ahead, when P5+1 talks resume. According to one official, speaking off the record, the so-called 90-day extension of the West Bank settlement freeze, negotiated in recent talks between the Obama Administration and the Netanyahu government in Israel, is less about Israel-Palestine peace negotiations, and more about giving Israel the capacity to carry out air strikes against Iranian nuclear sites, including the enrichment facility at Natanz.

When Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee wrapped up a recent visit to Israel with 40 pastors in tow, he sought out the places where Jesus walked, preached and prayed some 2,000 years ago.

But there was another meeting on the itinerary that was a must-not-miss event for Hagee and his host: a sit-down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The fact that Netanyahu—knee-deep in contentious talks with Palestinians over a freeze on Israeli settlement construction—found time to meet Hagee's contingent on November 15 speaks volumes about the ties between Israeli officials and evangelical Christians.

Those who have been following LaRouche's economic reports, and his prediction that the collapse of the system will dictate the timing of an outbreak of more wars, there is no mystery about the sudden eruption of violence between the two Koreas, or about Obama's motive for wanting to invade Iran now, even after the "evidence" of Iran's supposed nuke program has been exposed as a pathetic hoax, and there is evidence that Iran's enrichment program has been interrupted. Nor is it surprising that John Hagee, the main "Christian" Wizard of Oz (perhaps an actual wizard), has recently visited his Nazi buddy in "Israel," probably to fine-tune his "prophecies." If their plans succeed, a lot of his flock are about to become extremely disillusioned, and Hagee will probably be "raptured" to some Satanist enclave for the duration of his reprieve from Hell.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama's narcissism extends to his prayers

While we have been distracted by other pressing stories, some serious and some frivolous, the situation in Haiti is growing worse with the outbreak of a cholera epidemic.

There have been almost 10,000 confirmed cases of the disease, which the country has not seen in 50 years. More than 600 people have died since the outbreak.

Health officials fear that cholera will continue to spread rapidly through the encampments across Haiti, including its capital of Port-au-Prince, still home to more than 2.5 million people.

The pictures of ill children and the elderly being carried to overcrowded hospitals and clinics are haunting.

Overworked aid workers try desperately to treat them for their ailments but unfortunately can do little to treat the conditions that help breed the disease.

It's apparently not a hard choice for Malia and Sasha Obama. President Barack Obama says his 12- and 9-year-old daughters would pick the talking yellow sponge over a talking head any day.

"They are not watching cable TV," he told ABC News in an interview set to air Friday night. "If they have got an option of watching the news or watching SpongeBob, I think it's pretty clear the choice that they are going to make."

The girls can't completely avoid all talk about their father, however. For Malia, he's come up in discussions of current events at school.

"There are issues of the day that come across the conversation. But I have to say that the school is very good about handling it," Michelle Obama said in the joint interview with her husband. "People are very considerate." [For example, they don't tell Obama's daughters that he could have prevented the cholera epidemic in Haiti, but that he let it happen.]
The family prays every night before dinner and Obama said it's interesting to hear what his daughters pray for.

"They'll talk about family and thanking God for blessing us, but they'll always add a little twist: 'I hope we have a great Thanksgiving, I can't wait to see the cousins.' They used to pray for a dog, until we got a dog," Obama said.

"But in the end we always say, 'We hope we live long and strong,'" Michelle Obama added.

"Long and strong," the president echoed.

But they never pray for the Haitian people - they're not worth it.

Can a narcissist truly be a Christian?

The avoidable catastrophe that is the cholera epidemic in Haiti, is about to get much worse, because the international community, led first and foremost by the United States, has stood by and done next to nothing since Port au Prince was devastated by an earthquake, last Jan. 12. UN officials in Haiti now project that the epidemic could hit 400,000 people. "This projection is a wake-up call," Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos said on Tuesday in the capital, Port-au-Prince, according to a UN release.

Actually, Ms. Amos, you evidently had your phone off for the last 9 months, because LaRouche started making those calls almost immediately after the quake. For example, here's one from about a month after the quake:
Lyndon LaRouche issued an urgent call for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to work with the Haitian government to help relocate up to a million Haitians, now homeless and living amid the rubble of shattered Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed some 300,000 Haitians.

The immediate emergency, LaRouche noted, is that the rainy season is upon us, and under current conditions, Port-au-Prince within a month or two will be subjected to floods, hit by mudslides, and become inundated in deadly sewage from the 1.5 million people who are now homeless and destitute in that city. These people have been forced to live in the streets and slums under ramshackle pieces of plastic, and amid human excrement that is not being removed—because there is no ability to do so, nor even a place to take it.

Even before the earthquake, Haiti—long the victim of the globalization and free trade policies of London-centered financial predators—did not have a single sewage treatment plant.

If we do not act, LaRouche stressed, Haiti will soon face conditions in which dengue, cholera, malaria, typhoid and other epidemics will spread, with devastating consequences. Haiti is the image of what awaits all of humanity under the current, bankrupt British-imperial international financial system: it is the face of the New Dark Age. We must stop it in Haiti, if we are to have the moral fitness to survive on this planet.

Obama was informed of this need at the time, but decided not to do anything. Even now that Haitians are dying in droves, he hasn't even said anything.

How many people have to die before Vice President Biden admits that the President is stupid, insane, or both? How many deaths does he want on his conscience?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Palin: whatever it takes to keep Zerobama in office

How does Obama reconcile his "greatness" with the fact that Sarah Palin, who can confuse North Korea with South Korea, is being considered as the Republican nominee for 2012? Perhaps it's a clue that the US will no longer exist by the time 2012 rolls around, if this British puppet is left in office.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Correction regarding effect of blood thinners on Vit K activity (revised)

Revision - Added recommendation to consult with your doctor before combining Vit K with blood-thinning drugs. This is very important - not doing so could be fatal.

I was under the wrong impression about the effects of blood thinners on Vit K. Instead of blocking the action of Vit K, they prevent the body from making it:
The commonly used anticoagulant drug coumadin interferes with the metabolism and function of Vitamin K by inhibiting the enzymes needed to produce Vitamin K This drug can produce excessive bleeding and does produce progressive widespread calcification of arteries and the aorta.

I've read that there are benefits to taking Vit K along with blood thinners, but your doctor needs to be in the loop on this decision.

The main decision, I think, is whether to use blood-thinning drugs, such as aspirin, in the first place. If you're healthy, it seems that natural substances which tend to prevent platelet aggregation, such as garlic and fish oil, should be sufficient. If you Google "aspirin daily," you'll find several articles by medical authorities which discourage aspirin daily, without even mentioning its effect on vitamin K other than the major initial effect of destroying it - excess bleeding.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free health advice from the British medical establishment: worth even less (revised)

Evidence is building that the benefits for many healthy middle-aged and older people “far outweigh” the side effects, according a panel of experts speaking at the Royal Society of Medicine.
Sulfa and aspirin both destroy vitamin K so, if you take aspirin on a regular basis, it could help explain why you bruise so easily.

Actually, evidence is accumulating that Vit K is very important to our cardiovascular health, and naturally along would come some Royal expert to tell us to destroy it and thus hasten the calcification of our arteries to help Prince Philip reduce his human herd to more manageable numbers. (Blood thinners in general destroy Vit K.) If you must take aspirin, experts recommend taking enough Vit K to compensate, although I haven't seen any formula to determine how much to take. Although I don't think there's any harm in taking too much Vit K, it isn't cheap. The best value I've found so far is Super K by Life Extension Foundation, which is widely available online.

Revision: added text in parentheses.

US military strategy: Declare someone to be the enemy and then make it so

Hoh describes the current use of US Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan as a "tremendous waste of resources," saying, "They are the best strike forces the world’s ever known. They’re very well trained, very well equipped, have a tremendous amount of support, and we’ve got them in Afghanistan chasing after mid-level Taliban leaders who are not threatening the United States, who are only fighting us really because we’re in their valley."

I predict that the war will end when civilization is destroyed through economic collapse.

Nerobama sitting on NIE, perhaps to invade Iran

Also, an updated NIE on Iran’s nuclear program, completed earlier this year, is dead in its tracks, apparently because anti-Iran hawks inside the Obama administration are afraid it will leak. It is said to repeat pretty much the conclusions of the NIE from 2007 [that Iran isn't working on nukes].

There are other ominous signs. The new Director of National Intelligence, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, is a subscriber to the Tenet school of malleability.

The article also includes a spooky quote (which I'm surprised made it into print) from Bush's recent book in which Bush wondered how he could justify attacking Iran after the intelligence community had concluded that Iran had no nuke program! How about "fulfilling prophecy?" This fact needs to be broadcast far and wide (since I doubt that many will read Bush's book and I know that the MSM won't bring it up), because it exposes the existence of an ulterior motive for attacking Iran.

Alan Simpson, death not even warmed over (revised)

Revised - see notes

Numerous sources have reported that former Sen. Alan Simpson, whom Obama appointed co-chairman of the Deficit Commission, made these remarks in a Nov. 19 breakfast roundtable conversation with Christian Science Monitor reporters:

"I can't wait for the bloodbath in April.... When debt limit time comes, they're going to look around and say, 'What in the hell do we do now?' We've got guys who will not approve the debt limit extension unless we give 'em a piece of meat, real meat, meaning spending cuts. And boy, the bloodbath will be extraordinary!"

I had become increasingly interested for many years, beginning with my research into the American Revolution, as to why England seemed to be the source of such evil. This is not only on the level of geopolitics and the unbelievable savagery that the British Empire carried out in its usury and slavery, but also on the level of culture. The British creation of Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, and Hume, leading to the outright Satanism of Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Aleister Crowley, etc. underscores the motivation that created the British Empire. As you look deeper, there is no doubt that the New Age issued from England. ["The New Age" (88) is the Age of Satan, proclaimed by "Jack the Ripper," i.e. The Golden Dawn (>33 99), in 1888.] This includes emphatically the creation of the Jacobins at the hands of Lord Shelburne and the creation of communism--with its twin evil, fascism--at the British Foreign Office by Lord Palmerston and in his collaboration with Giuseppe Mazzini.

The stated goal of the New Age is the destruction of monotheistic religion and a return to outright paganism [not actual paganism, but a counterfeit paganism to cover for Satanism]. FREEMASONRY IS THE INSTRUMENT CREATED TO CARRY OUT THIS RETURN TO PAGANISM. It is the Venetian takeover of England and its creation of Freemasonry that is our subject today.

According to Wikipedia's entry on Alan Simpson, he is a 33rd degree Freemason. I took a hard look at Freemasonry years ago, and concluded that it's essentially a front for British Intelligence and its subsidiary, organized Satanism (Crowley spent some time in the US during WWII, organizing Satanism here "on the ground" to complement the British takeover of our intelligence services), the teachings of which consist of a conglomeration of oblique hints regarding ancient religions and occult teachings (such as the Venetian counterfeit version of Rosicrucianism, the original of which was a true Mystery teaching for the Middle Ages). This is also the general idea behind the typical British-spawned pop-"occult" group such as Wicca and the Golden Dawn (the prototype of such "magical orders" - Freemasonry doesn't have the "magical" flavor, but rather an "ancient wisdom" flavor). These "teachings" are also intended as a form of Satanic abuse, by inducing suckers to embark on a never-ending quest to unravel all of the conflicting clues and arrive at "the truth." (These suckers, studying their literature, attending meetings, and performing good works, themselves serve as a smokescreen in addition to the smokescreen of the inpenetrable teachings. Behind these facades, those for whom freemasonry was created carry out their intrigues.) The freemasonic "bible," Morals and Dogma (which I just realized is one of those strange phrases intended to be understood by converting it to its numerical equivalent, which is 137>11, the number of black magic), was written by Albert Pike (>58 41>99>9x11), whom EIR history editor Anton Chaitkin exposed in Treason in America as a Satanist who would hold drunken orgies lasting for days in the woods, a sort of Bohemian Grove experience on steroids. Such "Hellfire Club" orgiastic experiences ARE the outermost circles of Satanism, and they've been around for a very long time, although hidden until modern times. (The movie Eyes Wide Shut was a hint of this.) They're the outermost circles of a vortex intended to suck people into SRA and demonic possession, the chief characteristic of which is a lust for killing, and not necessarily directly although as we've seen in the case of "enhanced interrogation," a little "hands on" torturing and killing are involved in becoming a "wizard." The Catholic Church seems to be intent on concealing the true nature of Satanism and possession, perhaps because they don't think their flock can handle the truth, or perhaps because the Jesuits, a Venetian implant in the Church, have a vested interest in keeping it hidden.

Pike's system just happens to include 33 degrees, where 33 can be converted into 6, or 3 and 11 - all "sacred" Satanic numbers. Of course, Satanist Pike was a 33rd degree, and I've read that this degree is confered on certain people who haven't worked their way up the ladder.

I took a look at Simpson's biography on Wikipedia, and found that he has an odd middle name, Kooi, the letters of which convert to 11 15 15 9, i.e. 11 6 6 9, i.e. 11 666. I also noted that he has been associated with a few of the most evil people on the planet, such as Dark Dick and his master Lynne, whose specialty is unleashing Hell on Earth.

This drooling, knuckle-dragging creature Simpson is death incarnate, and it is fitting that the narcissist/alien Obama chose him to head his lying commission of budget-axe-murderers. He, like Obama, has no place in an American government, especially at the highest level.

Revision, 11/24/10: Added statement to the effect that inducing Freemasons to work through a maze of hints for no good reason is a form of SRA.