Sunday, January 31, 2010

UN "shocked" to "discover" Satanism organized on global scale

Governments around the world, including those of Arab and European states, have colluded in the secret detention of terrorism suspects, UN investigators have reported.

An extensive report, released on Wednesday, paints a disturbing picture of a systematic secret detention programme involving many countries.

Officials found that secret detention "may even amount to a crime against humanity".

The Lucis Trust (originally known as Lucifer Publishing) is a non-profit organization incorporated in New York State, created in 1920 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster, to manage the business of publishing Mrs. Bailey's twenty-five esoteric books. Its headquarters are in New York City (at the 24th floor of 120 Wall Street), London (Lucis Press Ltd.) and Geneva (Lucis Trust Association).
The World Goodwill group, founded in 1932, is particularly important among Lucis Trust's activities, as it has been recognized by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and is represented at regular briefing sessions at the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Lucis Trust is therefore a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
[a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
Croupier: Your winnings, sir

from the movie Casablanca

The fact is that the Lucis Trust is a "respectable" front for organized Satanism, and if its Triangles web-pages ae any indication, its publications hardly qualify as esoteric.

So, it appears to me that the UN's exposé is just another case of Satanism waving itself under our noses, and mocking our obliviousness to it.

Does Obama know this?

In this country, the night raids and the secret U.S. military detention centers that go with them have received next to no coverage -- until now. I’m proud to say that Anand Gopal, who has been reporting for the Wall Street Journal from Kabul, produces here the single most extensive report so far on American night raids in Afghanistan and the military holding areas that are the “black sites” of this moment.
An officer who has worked in the Field Detention Sites says that it takes dozens of raids to turn up a useful suspect. “Sometimes you’ve got to bust down doors. Sometimes you’ve got to twist arms. You have to cast a wide net, but when you get the right person it makes all the difference.”

You see, this anonymous, proud Officer (not doubt highly decorated, omniscient, and incapable of lying) has "inside" information which only those who brutalize lots of innocent people could possibly know: that it "works" on those rare occasions that he brutalizes someone who actually knows something. Patriots would never question the word of this great anonymous Officer, who is after all defending motherhood, apple pie, puppies (which he no longer tortures, now that he's in the military), and picnics on the 4th of July. The only reason he insists on remaining anonymous is that the government can't admit that torture works and that it turns a blind eye to it, because the American people are such a bunch of sissies who don't know what it takes to win a war against evil people who would deliberately bomb innocent people, as opposed to accidentally brutalizing and bombing innocent people year after year after year.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Powers, principalities, and "dark figures behind the scenes"

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Ephesians 6:12 (King James version)

You must bear in mind that the antagonisms that arise, above all the hostile personalities, are really, for the most part, puppets of the opposing Powers. For we are here in the field of activity of supersensible Powers. These supersensible Powers, to which Lucifer and Ahriman [Satan] belong, naturally work in human life through human souls, which are simply their instruments. ["Powers" is a proper term for a rank in the spiritual hierarchy.]

When one is able to look behind the scenes of world history it is an indisputable fact, though one that is little recognized, that what is represented by Lloyd George is what on the surface the British people want. And what they want is no war. This comes to expression perfectly in the sentiment which says that the three stages to certain ruin are to budget for war, arm for war and war itself. Though the war was not prevented, and thus permitted to occur by Britain, the real truth is that it was brought about by OCCULT POWERS WHO MANIPULATE THOSE WHO GOVERN AS IF THEY WERE MARIONETTES.

One could point to the exact moment when these occult powers intervened, the moment they caught in their net those who were rulers or rather appeared to be. The occult powers who caused the war from Britain were behind well-known statesmen, and their impulses are most certainly not those of 27-year-olds. Rather they stem from ancient traditions and from a thorough knowledge of the forces inherent in the peoples of Europe. They have knowledge of where and when various peoples, or individuals, various leaders may be weak or strong. Their knowledge is exact and far-reaching, and has for centuries not only flowed through hidden channels but has been kept so secret that those in possession of it could drag others unawares into their net. Individuals like Asquith and also Grey were in reality mere puppets who themselves believed, right up to early August 1914, that at least for Britain there would be no war. They were sure they would do everything to prevent war, when suddenly they found themselves manipulated by occult powers, powers which originated from personalities quite other than those named. Over against these powers Lloyd George, having remained 27 years old, also became a mere puppet. This was because their influence originated from quite a different human life period than his; they could be so effective because of their ability to place ancient traditions in the service of British egoism. The influence of these powers swept like a wave over Britain engulfing also Lloyd George who, though a great man, is through and through a product of our time. Behind the impulses which from Britain laid the foundations for war existed an exact knowledge of the peoples of Europe and their political intentions. Those who know what took place in Britain also know that the content of what today is expressed in war slogans existed as an idea, as a plan, already in the 1880s and 90s, a plan that had to become reality.

Those with occult insight into Britain's political future and the future of the peoples of Europe were saying that the dominance of the Russian empire will be destroyed to enable the Russian people to exist. The Russian revolution in March 1917 was planned already at the end of the 1880s, and so were the channels through which events were guided and manipulated. This was something known only to that small circle whose secret activities sprang from impulses that were of considerably older origin than those of Lloyd George. The events that took place on the Balkans WERE ALL PLANNED BY HUMAN BEINGS OF WHOM IT COULD BE SAID THAT THEY WERE THE “DARK FIGURES BEHIND THE SCENES.” That these things happen, is destiny. When from Britain something intervened in the world situation which could not have arisen from the essentially British character represented by Lloyd George, the powers behind the scenes saw to it that he became Minister of Munitions! As long as he had been himself, Lloyd George's deepest convictions had been that the way to certain ruin was to budget for war, arm for war and war itself. Now that he is a puppet he becomes Minister of Munitions! All he retained of his own was his efficiency. He became a very able Minister of Munitions. The man who from deepest inner conviction had spoken against arms brought about that Britain became as well armed as all the other nations.

Here we see coming together the one who, having remained at age 27, so eminently represents mankind, and the dark powers behind the scenes, powers capable of overturning even the deepest convictions because all that lives in the physical world is governed by the spiritual realm; therefore it can be guided by a spirit which acts in accordance with the egoism of a certain group of people. Seldom perhaps have convictions been so completely reversed by the powers behind the scenes as those of Lloyd George have been. The reason lies in the fact that his convictions were so completely rooted in what had been prepared for this particular time as the essential “age 27 quality.” As long as the “age 27 quality” of this single human individuality was effective within mankind also aged 27, there was complete accord. However, just because that harmony was rooted solely in the present, the discord became all the greater when that other influence, based on ancient knowledge, asserted itself.

This extremely interesting interaction does certainly explain a great deal about present-day events; it can also help us to base our judgments on the facts of human evolution, rather than on sympathy or antipathy. The seriousness of certain things can be understood only when they are seen against the background of mankind's evolution as a whole. This also leads to a recognition of how essential it is to be aware of what goes on behind the surface of world history. As long as mankind's age had not receded below that of 28, up to the fifteenth century, evolution could go on without the individual acquainting himself with the guiding spiritual impulses behind historical events. Today it is necessary that we learn to know the influences at work beneath the surface. Such insight is essential especially in Central Europe. If one is to guard against the adversary, one must know the full extent of his might. The only way we can attain insight into mankind's evolution today is to acquaint ourselves, through spiritual knowledge, with the laws that govern that evolution. We understand our time even in regard to the individual human being only when we do so out of the spirit.

How does such an enigmatic figure as Lloyd George come to be just in the key position at this time? The answer to this question is important if one is to understand what is taking place. However, even when the individual is a representative of mankind, he can only be understood through the science of the spirit. Everything concerning Lloyd George's future will be of interest, just as everything concerning his past is of interest. Every step taken by him since 1890 has been significant. So, too, is the way he was there in the background at the outbreak of war, reflected, as it were, in the surface of events. Interesting is also the way he has become the pivot around which so many things in the world revolve, including what emerges from Woodrow Wilson, another one aged 27. [ Note 8 ] Not least of interest is the fact that Lloyd George's inner convictions, despite their strength, were obliterated in the face of spiritual influences and powers of a dubious nature. How will Lloyd George be superseded? What is his future? [ Note 9 ] These questions are also of interest. We must wait and see.

And the SRA-beat goes on

Unless you admit that the "war on terror" is actually largely intended as advanced SRA/Satanism on a vast scale (with most of the US military among its victims, along with the native populations in the "war" zone), as well as to bleed the US dry and to "fulfill Apocalyptic prophecy," you will never be able to understand articles such as US Night Raids and Secret Prisons Anger Afghan Civilians or Mounting Criticism of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan, which states that of about 800 people killed in drone strikes, only a handful of "militants" have been killed.

As with any policy that continues for years despite a failure to achieve its ostensible goals, one must conclude that it is actually intended to accomplish what it has been accomplishing for years: terrorizing the population, and causing more people to join the fight against the US military.

However, there are apparently two drone programs - one run by the CIA and one run by Special Forces, the latter of which is apparently responsible for the vast majority of the "collateral" damage. I suspect that the suicide bombing which killed several CIA agents was a very high-level British operation intended to accomplish the same thing as "Operation Airlift of Evil" which rescued the Taliban at the beginning of the war. (There have also been reports of British forces transporting the Taliban around Afghanistan in helicopters.) But I haven't looked into this in any depth, so it's just a theory at this point.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McChrystal: Leave the real state sponsors of narco-terrorism in charge in Afghanistan

January 26, 2010 (LPAC)—For months now the London-Riyadh axis backchannel had been meeting the Afghan Taliban to work out an arrangement whereby the anti-U.S. Taliban gain control of Kabul, replacing President Hamid Karzai. President Karzai, who has developed strong links with India, Russia and Iran, is intensely hated by the British, the Saudis and the U.S. forces who are pro-British-Saudi nexus. It seems Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who pushed President Obama successfully to secure 30,000 more U.S. troops deployment in Afghanistan during this year, has now joined ranks with London and Riyadh.

McChrystal to the U.S. military: What you're really fighting, dying and getting maimed for, with a craven British puppet who thinks we're a bunch of idiots as Commander-In-Chief, is the destruction of global civilization, pure and simple. Part of the plan is to leave Afghanistan as it was when the "war" started: a British narco-terror colony, the very "state sponsor of terrorism” we were supposedly out to defeat, to destabilize Eurasia.

So, I guess Operation Airlift of Evil will now be run in reverse - instead of rescuing the Taliban from the Northern Alliance, we’ll be escorting them back into Kabul on roads strewn with poppies. When American kids start dropping like flies from heroin OD’s, at least you’ll know who to thank for all that “freedom.”

The two Baracks

The Obama we expected.

The Obama we got.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Big British mouthpiece blurts too much, confirms LaRouche

January 25, 2010 (LPAC)-- On Jan. 17, the London Daily Telegraph's star economics columnist Ambrose Evans Pritchard reported on current British imperial strategy for the world in the starkest terms: the final elimination of all national sovereignty. Pritchard, commenting on a European Central Bank draft document which rewrites the Europe Union treaty, reported that they are proposing "a new 'legal order' that transcends a 'largely obsolete concept of sovereignty' and imposes a 'permanent limitation' on the states' rights." PRITCHARD ADDED THAT EU NATIONS WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO DESTROY THEIR ECONOMIES, AND "IF THEY FAIL TO MARSHAL PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR DRACONIAN AUSTERITY, THEY RISK BEING CAST INTO ICELANDIC OBLIVION." [emphasis added for SFA blog]

Shortly after it appeared, the Daily Telegraph suppressed the Evans Pritchard article, pulling it from its web site altogether. What is involved is not some minor, journalistic scandal.
LaRouche continued: "You have got to understand emotionally, as well as intellectually acknowledging things, that you are talking about the extinction of civilization as we have known it. And this is coming up now."

As far as I could tell, LPAC's site was the only one reporting this story. It will be interesting to see if any other significant sources report it.

Surprise! Bogus "bomb detector" made in UK

The US military has been scathing, claiming the wands contained only a chip to detect theft from stores. The claim was based on a study released in June by US military scientists, using x-ray and laboratory analysis, which was passed on to Iraqi officials.

"The examination resulted in a determination that there was no possible means by which the ADE651 could detect explosives and therefore was determined to be totally ineffective and fraudulent," Major Joe Scrocca, a US military spokesman in Baghdad, told the Associated Press.
The US military, and private contractors that guard Baghdad's international zone and airport road, use tried-and-tested sniffer dogs to keep explosives out.
The furore erupted after a BBC Newsnight investigation took the wand to a Cambridge University computer lab, which demonstrated beyond doubt that it contained nothing that could detect components used to make explosives.

Despite the scientific condemnation, the Iraqi interior ministry was standing by its bulk purchase of around 3,000 devices, claiming it had successfully detected 773 bombs.

Well, we know that the Iraqi interior ministry is clueless or lying, and as I recall, it was complicit in kidnappings which were waved through US checkpoints, and whose victims soon turned up headless, with signs of torture. This was declared to be "sectarian violence," and I assume that the sect was Satanism. So, it wouldn't surprise me if it, along with the "Apocalypse" faction in the Anglo-American military-intelligence complex, imposed these monstrous "practical jokes" upon Iraq in order to allow them to conduct their reign of terror there.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scientology in Haiti: Organized Satanism shopping for real estate?

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Amid the mass of aid agencies piling in to help Haiti quake victims is a batch of Church of Scientology "volunteer ministers", claiming to use the power of touch to reconnect nervous systems.
In his 1989 book, The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA’s Original Political Operative, top spook Miles Copeland brags of the intelligence agency’s control over both Moral Re-Armament [MRA] and L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology movement. Copeland reports that he served in the 1950s as head of an agency entity known as The Political Action Staff.
Under this umbrella, his assistant, Bob Mandlestam, developed an operation called “OHP,” or “occultism in high places,” described by Copeland as “a theory of political activism based on an impressively detailed study of ways in which leaders of the world based their judgments on one form or another of divine guidance.” One of Mandlestam’s projects was to “plant astrologists on certain world leaders.” Another was to deploy “mystics” in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C., home to many government figures, who would use “voodoo magic,” based on rites prescribed by the CIA itself, to manipulate Congressmen.
As part of OHP, Copeland and Mandlestam began to utilize the Moral Re-Armament movement, which “gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders, not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.” After this, Copeland writes:

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, ... we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make the highly expensive, largely ineffective and largely overt “covert action” of Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison. “MRA will him ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!” Bob liked to boast, and he was right.

By "hit 'em low," it seems clear that Mandlestam was referring to using Scientology to infiltrate the "grass roots," as appears to be the case in Haiti. Considering the links between L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley, the fact that Hubbard's cartoon-like "theology" (which was originally published as fiction) contains thinly-veiled references to Satanic possession ("body Thetans"), and my observations of Satanists inducing actual humans to join Scientology and spill their guts with a supposedly inerrant "e-meter" attached (thus pressuring them to reveal all their secrets, which can than be used to blackmail them), I surmise that Scientology is a front for organized Satanism, as is the "real CIA" (as distinguished from the intelligence agency by that name, which is actually just a division of the real CIA).

Haiti is a good place to conduct SRA because of its location on the Earth Grid. So, naturally organized Satanism would want to set up shop there, along with a tin-pot dictator who is mainly interested in keeping Haitians barely alive ("in Hades") to use as victims for Satanists. And what better time to go shopping for real estate in Haiti, than in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake that killed over 100,000 people, when chances are that another quake of that magnitude won't occur for another couple of centuries?

This does not mean that low-level Scientologists, or the celebrities which it uses to attract recruits, are aware of these agendas.

Goldstein speaks

Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, has warned Barack Obama, the US president, that there will be further attacks on the United States unless he takes steps to resolve the Palestinian situation.

Above: Our "Goldstein" (see Orwell's 1984), Osama bin London: "Stay the course, America! You're doing just what I hoped you would."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Banality of an evil "justice" system

PITTSBURGH -- Three plainclothes police officers are being reassigned during the investigation of a Pittsburgh Creative And Performing Arts High School student's claim that they brutalized him and caused serious injuries during a recent arrest.
"We've taken those officers off of their duty, put them in uniform, are having the Office of Municipal Investigations take a look at the incident. It's very troubling to me, and we take it very seriously," Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said Friday.
Jordan Miles, 18, was in Municipal Court on Thursday to answer criminal charges and tell his side of the story, but the hearing was postponed to Feb. 18 because the officers involved didn't appear, according to court papers.

"It said on the postponement form, 'Victims aren't here.' But the real victim in the case is Jordan, who was beat to a pulp," said Miles' attorney, Kerry Lewis.

Note that the incident in question took place a couple of days before the new Moon. This is a good example of how the "justice" system enables and protects Satanists. It should be obvious that their charges against Jordan Miles are lies, and they should have been fired and thrown in jail right away. Why should they be allowed to tarnish the reputation of cops in general? We recently saw another example of the banality of evil in the case of the five Blackwater guards who shot up Nissour Square, and whose prosecutors clearly deliberately botched the case against them. But one of the most blatant examples is how Cheney's crew in the DoJ redefined torture to allow prisoners to be tortured "legally."

Memorable quote from military-privatization advocate

I seem to have an ability to sense when someone is about to appear in the news. For example, within the last couple of days I was wondering whether Felix "the rat" Rohatyn had weighed in on that runaway "free trade" success story known as Haiti, and found nothing. But that doesn't mean he wasn't privately gloating.

While on the subject of Haiti, I'd like to take the opportunity to comment on that horrible situation. We knew that Haiti was just a disaster waiting to happen, and that the US military would probably end up doing the heavy lifting in any rescue operation. So, why didn't we make preparations for it, such as to help Haitians protect themselves from collapsing buildings, pre-position emergency supplies, or to build an airport that could handle a large volume of massive aircraft? (I think we should consider developing the capability to parachute individual rations of food, soap, water and other survival supplies by the millions to help people make it until supplies could be brought in by other means. People on the ground would be given adequate warning to prepare for the drops, perhaps with small-scale drops to get their attention.)

But today, I found an article about Rohatyn on the LPAC site, which opens with:

January 22, 2010 (LPAC)—Aging synarchist (French fascist) financier Felix Rohatyn and the Rockefeller Foundation paid for dozens of "big names" to gather yesterday on Capitol Hill under the rubric of "Building America's Future," and endorse Rohatyn's phony project for a so-called "National Infrastructure Bank." "Building America's Future" is a project for privatized infrastructure launched in 2008 by Rohatyn, the Rockefeller Foundation, and post-partisan fascists Arnie "Hitler" Schwarzenegger and Michael "Mussolini" Bloomberg.

The article refers to a 2006 EIR article which reports on a conference on military privatization, and which contains the following startling admission from one of the participants:

The general theme of the conference was summed up by Peter Feaver, the Director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies at Duke University, who stated, at one point, "IN FACT WHAT WE'RE SEEING IS A RETURN TO NEO-FEUDALISM. If you think about how the East India Company played a role in the rise of the British Empire, there are similar parallels to the rise of the American quasi-empire." [emphasis added for SFA blog]

It helps to keep things in perspective by remembering that the American "quasi-empire" is an extension of the British empire.

Web-page revision errors corrected

In my rush to post Rev A of The Lucis Trust Spills the Beans (seen entry below), I overlooked some small errors, which I have since cleaned up. That's not to say that it's the best that I could do with unlimited time, but it's close enough to support my general claims about Triangles, without any glaring mis-statements.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Website revision

I have revised my translation of some of the Lucis Trust "Triangles" web-pages, and I posted the revised page to my Campaigner Unbound website for superior functionality.

"Triangles" is an imaginary organization based on an "encoded" description of Satanism which gives the impression that Triangles is an independent, real, benevolent, and quasi-mystical organization. Besides these encoded descriptions of Satanism, Triangles consists mainly of some decals (white equilateral triangle in a white circle on a black background) which Satanists apply to their vehicles as part of the lie. If you don't believe me, try to find it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NY Times admits LaRouche was right

As we reported over the weekend it would do, the Times announced today that it will switch to a metered pay system for its website. "Starting in early 2011, visitors to will get a certain number of articles free every month before being asked to pay a flat fee for unlimited access," Times writer Richard Pérez-Peña wrote this morning. "Subscribers to the newspaper’s print edition will receive full access to the site."

Gee, I wonder why that would be - perhaps a realization that the gang of Nazi bankers that appoints our "leaders," and has been trying to destroy civilization since the dawn of scientific consciousness, isn't going to let us have a recovery. If you think we're going to rebuild Haiti, I've got a bridge you might want to buy. We can't even build a nuclear power plant or an elevated maglev rail system, although "green" (dark age) technology has been sprouting like mushrooms despite the lack of an admissible reason.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rush Limbaugh, sadist

Rush Limbaugh, the most popular radio talkshow host, who is sometimes described as the real leader of the Republican party, says Americans should not give a penny to a population struggling for survival after the earthquake.

Limbaugh agreed with a caller suspicious that the White House website was being used to direct funds to the American Red Cross. "Would you trust the money's gonna go to Haiti?" the caller asked. Limbaugh then said Obama was exploiting the disaster for political ends.

"This [the earthquake] will play right into Obama's hands," said Limbaugh. "He's humanitarian, compassionate. They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, credibility with the black community – both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. This is made to order for them."

Limbaugh also warned Americans against donating money. "Besides, we've already donated to Haiti. It's called the US income tax," he said.

If Limbaugh's credibility doesn't suffer as a result of this statement, I wonder if there is any hope for this country. Nobody would say such a thing if they didn't mean it. Limbaugh would never think of hitting Obama for being a craven British puppet, when the recent succession of British puppets in the White House is a major factor the Haitian tragedy. The monster Cheney would probably implement such a policy if he could keep it secret, but he would never think of annunciating it.
Based on a little checking into Haiti's power structure, it appears that the British influence in Haiti can be traced through the Sao Paulo Forum and Castro, whom EIR's Jeffrey Steinberg characterizes as a British-manipulated clown, along with Hugo Chavez. Who put the UN's Haiti contingent in that death trap of a hotel? Is there any connection to the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti: "Free trade" success story

But Haiti's earthquake preparedness has been "minimal to none," said William McCann, a seismologist who works for governments across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, and acts as a consultant for the USGS.

"There were just so many problems there AND ONLY SO MUCH MONEY, and you have to prioritize," McCann said, adding that the neighboring Dominicans could be setting themselves up for the same problems by constructing 30-story buildings in seismically dangerous zones. The Dominican Republic this year is set to start updating 30-year-old building codes whose enforcement has been very poor, McCann said, and Haiti's preparedness has been "in a much more precarious state." [emphasis added for this SFA blog]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Torture, executions and arbitrary arrests have become part of daily life in Haiti since the military coup that ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide a year ago, Amnesty International said yesterday. 'Haitians live in permanent fear, while their oppressors are free to kill, torture and terrorise with impunity,' Amnesty said. The report, based on interviews with victims and their family members during a two-week investigation in Haiti that began in late March, documented 'almost automatic' beatings that followed arrests on often arbitrary charges taking place without warrants.

'Once taken to detention centres, victims often face daily beatings, including the calotte marassa, a twin slap to both ears which causes severe pain and often leads to infection,' Amnesty said. Curt Goering, deputy executive director of Amnesty, said payment, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, was the only way to avoid beating.

01/18/05 "Information Clearing House" -- Emmanuel “Toto” Constant was served with a lawsuit today that accuses him of responsibility for torture, crimes against humanity and the systematic use of violence against women, including rape, for the purpose of terrorizing the Haitian population during that country’s brutal military regime in the early 1990s.

Despite being the outspoken leader of the paramilitary death squad known as FRAPH (Revolutionary Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti), Toto Constant has lived and worked openly in Queens, New York, for the last ten years. The U.S. government tried to deport Constant in 1995, but suspended its efforts and released him from detention after he threatened on the 60 Minutes news program to expose information about THE CIA’S ROLE IN THE FORMATION OF FRAPH. [emphasis added for this SFA blog]

In January 2003, the Canadian government organized the "Ottawa Initiative" where U.S., Canadian and French government officials who met at Meech Lake decided that Haiti's elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide should be removed from office. The intervention was justified, they reasoned, by the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

In due course, Aristide was forced from office. And Canada's intervention in Haiti has exacerbated, rather than improved, Haiti's human rights situation.

Or, as the John Birch Society's cynical motto puts it: "less government, more responsibility, and with God's help, a better world." Haiti has been the equivalent of a plantation run for the benefit of Satanists for a long time, probably because it sits on a good spot on the Earth Grid for making what Lucis Trust's "Triangles" pages call "the Great Invocation" - of demonic spirits, i.e. becoming possessed by them and becoming a predator like Prince Philip. Unfortunately for him, he won't be reincarnated as a deadly virus that wipes out the human race, but as a human, without the power which he currently uses to kill as many people as possible. The smirk he usually wears in public will be no more.

Now that the long-predicted major quake has struck Haiti, killing an estimated 100,000 people in building collapses, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find the same people who have been preying on Haitians for centuries using the opportunity to inflict suffering by promising to help, but in fact not helping. Just look at what they've done to Iraq and Afghanistan, in the name of "liberation." If Raging Dick or his host George Bush gets involved, Haiti will look upon its recent past as the good old days.

LaRouche's top-level approach - the destruction of the Empire which enables this activity, at the point of its greatest vulnerability - is thus key to relieving Haitians of their suffering over the long term.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama's royal masters have turned Afghanistan into an opium plantation

January 12, 2010 (LPAC)—The world knows it. And Iran's Foreign Minister has the guts to say it: The Bitch runs drugs and must be stopped. "Before anything else, the U.K. must answer to the international community about the kind of management it has employed in Afghanistan that has raised illicit drug production from a few hundred tons to around 9,000," said Manouchehr Mottaki in an interview with Farsnews reported by Press TV. The Jan. 28 London conference on Afghanistan is where Mottaki said the British must be confronted and held accountable.

And these are the people who are using Obama to transform the Constitution from an instrument of life into one of death, which he has been doing with stealth and cunning. This wraith must be impeached, or we might as well let him delete the impeachment provisions from the Constitution while's he's rewriting it in a back room with his staff and Harry Reid, in the name of "health care reform."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Israelis would do our airport security? They effectively do!

How the Israelis do airport security provides advice on airport security from an Israeli expert, as if there is any possibility that the US would adopt it. In fact, it has been known for years that the security at the airports where the supposed "Islamic terrorists" who were supposedly behind 9/11 boarded their flights, was run by Israeli companies, i.e. Israeli intelligence! So, obviously, they don't want us to have an effective security system that's easy on the passengers, and they aren't going to adopt the system used at Israeli airports, even in cases where Israeli intelligence runs security at US airports.

The mess we frequently see at airports, such as the recent fiasco in Newark where a security guard stepped away from his post, knowing that there was a guy nearby who would probably take the opportunity to slip into a secure area nearby to see his girlfriend (thus causing a huge mess throughout the entire air-traffic system) is as bad as it can get without exposing the fact that it is motivated by sadism. The latest escalation is the threat of being subjected to a virtual strip-search and more X-rays, as the result of an apparently deliberate failure to observe existing security procedures. If it had simply taken the "Christmas crotch bomber's" father more seriously, loaded his son's photo into a database, and utilized face recognition software, they would have got the guy before he got on board.

By the way, another form of SRA - housing foreclosures - is about to undergo a revival, thanks to those Satanism-enablers in the White House and Congress. Give yourselves a raise guys - nothing’s too good for Satan's servants.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mission accomplished

"It's a disaster," said Ramazan Bashardost, a lawmaker who came in a distant third in the country's botched August election, which was marred by fraud so widespread a third of Karzai's ballots were thrown out. "The situation is getting worse every day for ordinary Afghans."

In an entry below ("Sacrificing our military to Satan"), I referred to a similar article about Iraq. Dark Dick is the single person most responsible for this vast Satanic "ritual" disguised as a botched war.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Advice on holding volleyball games in "holy war" zones: don't

In my attempt to get to the bottom of the New Decade's Day bombing at a volleyball game in Pakistan, I created a collection of excerpts, and since it would have been too large to turn into a blog entry, I created a webpage for it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

British Empire feigns shock at its monster's behavior

"In December, Tzipi Livni, the leader of Israel's main opposition party Kadima and foreign minister during the Gaza war a year ago, cancelled a visit to Britain after an arrest warrant was issued against her by a British court, sparking a diplomatic row."

November 7, 2009 (LPAC)—Lyndon LaRouche today warned that there is no prospect whatsoever for a genuine Arab-Israeli peace agreement until such time that the British Sykes-Picot "Great Game" factor is eradicated from the region. "The British," LaRouche explained, "have been running the greater Southwest, South and Central Asian region for more than a century, on the basis of the 'permanent war/permanent revolution' doctrine of their Fabian Society agent, Alexander Helphand. Until the factor of British manipulation of both sides in this conflict is defeated, no breakthrough is possible."

More hoof-beats of galloping fascism

"January 5, 2010 (LPAC)—The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will have the responsibility, under the new health-care bill, to enforce the "individual mandate" under which Americans must purchase health insurance from a private insurance company...."

I guess you could call it "national socialized" medicine, down to the new bedrock of our Constitution, established by the "health care" reform bill - the right of Prince Philip's henchmen to decide what medical treatment we can have, and to declare our lives to be unworthy of living.

The next thing you know they're be telling us we can't have maglev rail technology, because it "costs too much." Tell that to the thousands of people standing around being ritually abused at airports for hours, for the excuse du jour (weather, bomb scare, etc.), when they could be zipping to their destination at speeds that rival aircraft, in incredibly energy-efficient trains with the baggage in separate trains following at a safe distance. So, even if some "Islamic terrorist" managed to get a bomb into the baggage car and blow it up, it wouldn't cause a catastrophe.

Would you believe semi-global warming?

Despite the recent undeniable evidence that there is no global temperature rise, or even a correlation between "carbon" levels and global temperature, the "global warming" fraudsters can't stop lying. That's the nature of big-lie campaigns - even when the evidence points in the opposite direction, they can't stop. Just ask Cheney, who lied us into the "war on terror" (reign of terror) and who periodically reminds us that "we're a nation at war," meaning that the purpose assigned to the US by the Anglo-American SS (of which he is the current chief spokesman) is to wage "war" (Satanism disguised as warfare) on the world. He can never admit that he has been lying, and will ultimately fall back on a claim that he believed he was doing the right thing.

But now that we're past the winter solstice, you can bet that Al Gore is polishing the next installment of his big lie, to begin sometime in March or April, and to reach a crescendo during the summer.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sacrificing our military to Satan

January 04, 2010 "Army Times" -- Americans should prepare to accept hundreds of U.S. casualties each month in Afghanistan during spring offensives with enemy forces.

The dire forecast was made by retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, an adjunct professor of international affairs at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, in a periodic assessment of political and security issues he has conducted in the war zone since 2003.

“What I want to do is signal that this thing is going to be $5 billion to $10 billion a month and 300 to 500 killed and wounded a month by next summer. That’s what we probably should expect. And that’s light casualties,” said McCaffrey, who is also president of his own consulting firm in Arlington, Va., and has conducted numerous trips to the war zones to assess the political and military challenges at hand.

For what? More of this?

This "war" (advanced SRA/Satanism on a vast scale, with the majority of the American military as its victims along with the native populations) was always intended to provide Satanists in uniform with opportunities to surrender their souls entirely to Satan, and to create hell on Earth, and to do so while disguised as the Apocalypse. Although there's no way for me to know whether it's achieving the former, it is obviously providing plenty of opportunities to do so, and it is definitely achieving the latter.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extremely rare coincidence: opportunity for Satanism to send a message

How often does a blue Moon occur on the last day of a decade? I'd be willing to bet not very often. Organized Satanism, which always plans its activities far in advance, undoubtedly saw it coming, and decided to use it as an opportunity to send a message. It seems to me that it chose to stage a brazen example of SRA in the form of the Nisour Square massacre on the first Sunday of Ramadan, a special month for Muslims, when, according to Wikipedia's entry for Ramadan, "'Heaven's gates are opened, Hell's gates are closed, Satan is chained up and jinns are also locked up' and whoever dies will enter paradise." (I looked into "jinns" and can't fit them into my frame of reference.) So, staging a Satanic "ritual" in such a prominent location during such a holy month (when Satan is supposedly prevented from preying on people) obviously has significance, and I'll leave it up to whoever reads this decide what that is. The massacre might have been held on a Sunday because there are, or were, Christians in Iraq. As far as I can tell, the date had no inherent special significance to Satanism. The phase of the Moon was nothing special, and there don't seem to be any special numerical combinations in the date.

The plan for the massacre probably included a plan to get acquitted on the blue Moon at the end of the decade (such as by giving statements that would be forbidden to use as evidence at trial, and then using them at trial), followed on the first day of the following decade by an even more horrific atrocity disguised as "Islamic terrorism," to proclaim a theme for the entire decade of perpetual "war": impunity for Satanists to run amok, even when its criminality is obvious, but especially when it's disguised as something else (as usual). We know that Blackwater was involved in the first atrocity, and there are indications that it could have been involved in the other.

Pakistan volleyball game bombing: Blackwater/Xe celebrating immunity from law?

(Left: screen shot from on 1/3/10 which suggests a connection between dismissal of case against the Nisour Square Five [Six?] and the New Decade's Day bombing of a volleyball game in Pakistan)

Shortly after posting the previous entry, in which I suggest that Blackwater (now "Xe") could have been behind the horrendous New Decade's Day bombing at a volleyball game in Pakistan, it occurred to me that the obviously deliberately botched case against the perpetrators of the Nisour Square massacre - five Satanists on Blackwater's payroll - had been dismissed the previous day. The timing suggests a monstrous choreography, of which organized Satanism is fully capable. Why not ask prosecutors Kenneth Kohl and Jonathan Malis?

Following Scahill thread provides tantalizing tidbit

After making the previous entry, I went to Democracy Now and read their interview with Scahill on the same subject. In doing so, I found some reinforcement for an idea which occurred to me while reading Scahill's article, which is that Blackwater (now Xe) might have been behind the atrocity which occurred in Pakistan on January 1st, in which a truck bomb was set off at a volleyball game, killing about 100 people and of course destroying many other lives in various ways. After all, firing missiles into crowds of civilians is the moral equivalent of detonating a truck bomb in their midst. Here is the passage which supports my suspicion:

AMY GOODMAN: Jeremy, you point out in your article that the U.S. corporate media has largely ignored the fear and mistrust that Blackwater has generated in Pakistan. Earlier this month, the Taliban played on those fears when it denied responsibility for several bombings and in fact accused Blackwater of carrying them out. This is Azam Tariq, a spokesman of the Tehreek e-Taliban.

Azam Tariq: I want to tell the people of Pakistan and the Muslim nations, that the Tehreek e-Taliban are not responsible for the bombings. But Blackwater and Pakistan’s spy agency are behind them. Those who fight with the Americans are against the Tehreek e-Taliban and have blood on their hands, and we will fight them to the end.

One reason I've suspected that the Taliban aren't behind atrocities against civilians is that they have to maintain a certain amount of sympathy amongst potential recruits. Such monstrous atrocities fit the pattern of the massive bombings in Iraq which never made sense to me except as probable examples of "strategic" bombing by the Satanist faction within the US/UK/Israel military-intelligence complex, a.k.a. the Anglo-American SS, which created "Islamic terrorism" partly in order to "justify" the "war on terror."

The Taliban spokesman's claim strikes me as plausible because he indicated that the ISI is involved in such atrocities, as I surmised in the second entry below this one. This also fits with the pattern of "Islamic terrrorists" in general being blamed for atrocities perpetrated by the Satanist faction, such as 9/11, for which Al Qaeda initially denied responsibility. The only "evidence" we have that AQ was behind it consists of obvious plants, and "confessions" extracted via "enhanced interrogation."

The Anglo-American SS' secret "war" in the Pakistan region


They knew they could act extra-legally and nothing would happen because A, it was sanctioned by DoD at the highest levels, and B, who was going to stop them? They were preparing the battlefield, which was on all of the PowerPoints: 'Preparing the Battlefield.'
Addicott added, "If we were subjected to the International Criminal Court, some of these guys could easily be picked up, charged with war crimes and put on trial. That's one of the reasons we're not members of the International Criminal Court."
"This is supposed to be the brave new world," he says. "This is the Jamestown of the new millennium and it's meant to be a lily pad. You can jump off to Uzbekistan, you can jump back over the border, you can jump sideways, you can jump northwest. It's strategically located so that they can get their people wherever they have to without having to wrangle with the military chain of command in Afghanistan...."

from The Secret US War in Pakistan by Jeremy Scahill

In previous entries, I cited articles which indicate the continuation of "enhanced interrogation," but on a smaller scale and in greater secrecy. More recently, I decided to get to the bottom of the claims that "CIA" drones are killing many innocents, because this struck me partly as SRA, partly as a means of implementing the 8th Sphere agenda via "strategic" bombing (see the section on "strategic" bombing in The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War), and partly as a means of fanning the flames of the "Apocalypse" (something which is no doubt a high priority for Blackwater's "Fundy" leader). In the course of this effort, I stumbled onto The Secret US War in Pakistan by Jeremy Scahill. I was going to excerpt only the most significant passages, but found so many that I couldn't do so in good conscience. So, I've included only those necessary to set the stage, and even then I'm not entirely comfortable with using so much. Scahill's article deserves to be studied by everyone who wants to know what's really going on in the "war on terror." I'm a little surprised that he hasn't met with an "unfortunate accident."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Decade Bombing: ISI without its Taliban frontmen?

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber in a vehicle blew himself up at a volleyball game in northwest Pakistan on Friday, killing at least 25 people, officials said, the latest in a long series of deadly attacks by al Qaeda-linked militants.

The Taliban refused to take responsibility for some explosions in public places in Pakistan and blamed the CIA for destabilizing the situation in the country through terror.

[Tarpley has in recent years been painting the British out of the picture. So, his attempt to pin the blame on the CIA is suspicious. I included the quote only because it indicates that the Taliban have disavowed similar atrocities.]

December 3, 2009 (LPAC)—After months of deliberations and weighing pros and cons, President Obama made his second Af-Pak policy statement on Dec. 1, facing a host of grim-faced cadets at West Point. Lyndon LaRouche summarily stated of the policy: "It won't work." Pointing out the unworkable nature of the policy, numerous critics at home and abroad have jumped on the opportunity to trash Obama.

Obama came under attack because of his complete disregard of the facts. He viciously attacked Kabul for corruption and bad governance, while never mentioning even in passing that the massive opium-heroin trafficking network set up during the US/NATO occupation is feeding the terrorists, as well as the bankers in the City of London and Wall Street.

He also failed to report that Taliban is not an Afghan product, but was born in Pakistani territory in 1994 with Saudi money and Pakistani ISI backing — with the British pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Similar forces also nourished al-Qaeda and gave it shelter in Afghan territory. Al-Qaeda and the leadership of the Afghan Taliban escaped defeat by the US forces post-911 by taking shelter in Pakistani territory.

For further indications that the ISI could have been behind this bombing, with the ultimate intent of unleashing chaos in Pakistan and "Apocalyptic" nuclear terrorism, I suggest the following articles: