Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does Obama know this?

In this country, the night raids and the secret U.S. military detention centers that go with them have received next to no coverage -- until now. I’m proud to say that Anand Gopal, who has been reporting for the Wall Street Journal from Kabul, produces here the single most extensive report so far on American night raids in Afghanistan and the military holding areas that are the “black sites” of this moment.
An officer who has worked in the Field Detention Sites says that it takes dozens of raids to turn up a useful suspect. “Sometimes you’ve got to bust down doors. Sometimes you’ve got to twist arms. You have to cast a wide net, but when you get the right person it makes all the difference.”

You see, this anonymous, proud Officer (not doubt highly decorated, omniscient, and incapable of lying) has "inside" information which only those who brutalize lots of innocent people could possibly know: that it "works" on those rare occasions that he brutalizes someone who actually knows something. Patriots would never question the word of this great anonymous Officer, who is after all defending motherhood, apple pie, puppies (which he no longer tortures, now that he's in the military), and picnics on the 4th of July. The only reason he insists on remaining anonymous is that the government can't admit that torture works and that it turns a blind eye to it, because the American people are such a bunch of sissies who don't know what it takes to win a war against evil people who would deliberately bomb innocent people, as opposed to accidentally brutalizing and bombing innocent people year after year after year.