Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the SRA-beat goes on

Unless you admit that the "war on terror" is actually largely intended as advanced SRA/Satanism on a vast scale (with most of the US military among its victims, along with the native populations in the "war" zone), as well as to bleed the US dry and to "fulfill Apocalyptic prophecy," you will never be able to understand articles such as US Night Raids and Secret Prisons Anger Afghan Civilians or Mounting Criticism of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan, which states that of about 800 people killed in drone strikes, only a handful of "militants" have been killed.

As with any policy that continues for years despite a failure to achieve its ostensible goals, one must conclude that it is actually intended to accomplish what it has been accomplishing for years: terrorizing the population, and causing more people to join the fight against the US military.

However, there are apparently two drone programs - one run by the CIA and one run by Special Forces, the latter of which is apparently responsible for the vast majority of the "collateral" damage. I suspect that the suicide bombing which killed several CIA agents was a very high-level British operation intended to accomplish the same thing as "Operation Airlift of Evil" which rescued the Taliban at the beginning of the war. (There have also been reports of British forces transporting the Taliban around Afghanistan in helicopters.) But I haven't looked into this in any depth, so it's just a theory at this point.