Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Anglo-American SS' secret "war" in the Pakistan region


They knew they could act extra-legally and nothing would happen because A, it was sanctioned by DoD at the highest levels, and B, who was going to stop them? They were preparing the battlefield, which was on all of the PowerPoints: 'Preparing the Battlefield.'
Addicott added, "If we were subjected to the International Criminal Court, some of these guys could easily be picked up, charged with war crimes and put on trial. That's one of the reasons we're not members of the International Criminal Court."
"This is supposed to be the brave new world," he says. "This is the Jamestown of the new millennium and it's meant to be a lily pad. You can jump off to Uzbekistan, you can jump back over the border, you can jump sideways, you can jump northwest. It's strategically located so that they can get their people wherever they have to without having to wrangle with the military chain of command in Afghanistan...."

from The Secret US War in Pakistan by Jeremy Scahill

In previous entries, I cited articles which indicate the continuation of "enhanced interrogation," but on a smaller scale and in greater secrecy. More recently, I decided to get to the bottom of the claims that "CIA" drones are killing many innocents, because this struck me partly as SRA, partly as a means of implementing the 8th Sphere agenda via "strategic" bombing (see the section on "strategic" bombing in The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War), and partly as a means of fanning the flames of the "Apocalypse" (something which is no doubt a high priority for Blackwater's "Fundy" leader). In the course of this effort, I stumbled onto The Secret US War in Pakistan by Jeremy Scahill. I was going to excerpt only the most significant passages, but found so many that I couldn't do so in good conscience. So, I've included only those necessary to set the stage, and even then I'm not entirely comfortable with using so much. Scahill's article deserves to be studied by everyone who wants to know what's really going on in the "war on terror." I'm a little surprised that he hasn't met with an "unfortunate accident."