Friday, January 22, 2010

Banality of an evil "justice" system

PITTSBURGH -- Three plainclothes police officers are being reassigned during the investigation of a Pittsburgh Creative And Performing Arts High School student's claim that they brutalized him and caused serious injuries during a recent arrest.
"We've taken those officers off of their duty, put them in uniform, are having the Office of Municipal Investigations take a look at the incident. It's very troubling to me, and we take it very seriously," Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said Friday.
Jordan Miles, 18, was in Municipal Court on Thursday to answer criminal charges and tell his side of the story, but the hearing was postponed to Feb. 18 because the officers involved didn't appear, according to court papers.

"It said on the postponement form, 'Victims aren't here.' But the real victim in the case is Jordan, who was beat to a pulp," said Miles' attorney, Kerry Lewis.

Note that the incident in question took place a couple of days before the new Moon. This is a good example of how the "justice" system enables and protects Satanists. It should be obvious that their charges against Jordan Miles are lies, and they should have been fired and thrown in jail right away. Why should they be allowed to tarnish the reputation of cops in general? We recently saw another example of the banality of evil in the case of the five Blackwater guards who shot up Nissour Square, and whose prosecutors clearly deliberately botched the case against them. But one of the most blatant examples is how Cheney's crew in the DoJ redefined torture to allow prisoners to be tortured "legally."