Sunday, January 3, 2010

Following Scahill thread provides tantalizing tidbit

After making the previous entry, I went to Democracy Now and read their interview with Scahill on the same subject. In doing so, I found some reinforcement for an idea which occurred to me while reading Scahill's article, which is that Blackwater (now Xe) might have been behind the atrocity which occurred in Pakistan on January 1st, in which a truck bomb was set off at a volleyball game, killing about 100 people and of course destroying many other lives in various ways. After all, firing missiles into crowds of civilians is the moral equivalent of detonating a truck bomb in their midst. Here is the passage which supports my suspicion:

AMY GOODMAN: Jeremy, you point out in your article that the U.S. corporate media has largely ignored the fear and mistrust that Blackwater has generated in Pakistan. Earlier this month, the Taliban played on those fears when it denied responsibility for several bombings and in fact accused Blackwater of carrying them out. This is Azam Tariq, a spokesman of the Tehreek e-Taliban.

Azam Tariq: I want to tell the people of Pakistan and the Muslim nations, that the Tehreek e-Taliban are not responsible for the bombings. But Blackwater and Pakistan’s spy agency are behind them. Those who fight with the Americans are against the Tehreek e-Taliban and have blood on their hands, and we will fight them to the end.

One reason I've suspected that the Taliban aren't behind atrocities against civilians is that they have to maintain a certain amount of sympathy amongst potential recruits. Such monstrous atrocities fit the pattern of the massive bombings in Iraq which never made sense to me except as probable examples of "strategic" bombing by the Satanist faction within the US/UK/Israel military-intelligence complex, a.k.a. the Anglo-American SS, which created "Islamic terrorism" partly in order to "justify" the "war on terror."

The Taliban spokesman's claim strikes me as plausible because he indicated that the ISI is involved in such atrocities, as I surmised in the second entry below this one. This also fits with the pattern of "Islamic terrrorists" in general being blamed for atrocities perpetrated by the Satanist faction, such as 9/11, for which Al Qaeda initially denied responsibility. The only "evidence" we have that AQ was behind it consists of obvious plants, and "confessions" extracted via "enhanced interrogation."