Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti: "Free trade" success story

But Haiti's earthquake preparedness has been "minimal to none," said William McCann, a seismologist who works for governments across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, and acts as a consultant for the USGS.

"There were just so many problems there AND ONLY SO MUCH MONEY, and you have to prioritize," McCann said, adding that the neighboring Dominicans could be setting themselves up for the same problems by constructing 30-story buildings in seismically dangerous zones. The Dominican Republic this year is set to start updating 30-year-old building codes whose enforcement has been very poor, McCann said, and Haiti's preparedness has been "in a much more precarious state." [emphasis added for this SFA blog]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Torture, executions and arbitrary arrests have become part of daily life in Haiti since the military coup that ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide a year ago, Amnesty International said yesterday. 'Haitians live in permanent fear, while their oppressors are free to kill, torture and terrorise with impunity,' Amnesty said. The report, based on interviews with victims and their family members during a two-week investigation in Haiti that began in late March, documented 'almost automatic' beatings that followed arrests on often arbitrary charges taking place without warrants.

'Once taken to detention centres, victims often face daily beatings, including the calotte marassa, a twin slap to both ears which causes severe pain and often leads to infection,' Amnesty said. Curt Goering, deputy executive director of Amnesty, said payment, from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, was the only way to avoid beating.

01/18/05 "Information Clearing House" -- Emmanuel “Toto” Constant was served with a lawsuit today that accuses him of responsibility for torture, crimes against humanity and the systematic use of violence against women, including rape, for the purpose of terrorizing the Haitian population during that country’s brutal military regime in the early 1990s.

Despite being the outspoken leader of the paramilitary death squad known as FRAPH (Revolutionary Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti), Toto Constant has lived and worked openly in Queens, New York, for the last ten years. The U.S. government tried to deport Constant in 1995, but suspended its efforts and released him from detention after he threatened on the 60 Minutes news program to expose information about THE CIA’S ROLE IN THE FORMATION OF FRAPH. [emphasis added for this SFA blog]

In January 2003, the Canadian government organized the "Ottawa Initiative" where U.S., Canadian and French government officials who met at Meech Lake decided that Haiti's elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide should be removed from office. The intervention was justified, they reasoned, by the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

In due course, Aristide was forced from office. And Canada's intervention in Haiti has exacerbated, rather than improved, Haiti's human rights situation.

Or, as the John Birch Society's cynical motto puts it: "less government, more responsibility, and with God's help, a better world." Haiti has been the equivalent of a plantation run for the benefit of Satanists for a long time, probably because it sits on a good spot on the Earth Grid for making what Lucis Trust's "Triangles" pages call "the Great Invocation" - of demonic spirits, i.e. becoming possessed by them and becoming a predator like Prince Philip. Unfortunately for him, he won't be reincarnated as a deadly virus that wipes out the human race, but as a human, without the power which he currently uses to kill as many people as possible. The smirk he usually wears in public will be no more.

Now that the long-predicted major quake has struck Haiti, killing an estimated 100,000 people in building collapses, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find the same people who have been preying on Haitians for centuries using the opportunity to inflict suffering by promising to help, but in fact not helping. Just look at what they've done to Iraq and Afghanistan, in the name of "liberation." If Raging Dick or his host George Bush gets involved, Haiti will look upon its recent past as the good old days.

LaRouche's top-level approach - the destruction of the Empire which enables this activity, at the point of its greatest vulnerability - is thus key to relieving Haitians of their suffering over the long term.