Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Israelis would do our airport security? They effectively do!

How the Israelis do airport security provides advice on airport security from an Israeli expert, as if there is any possibility that the US would adopt it. In fact, it has been known for years that the security at the airports where the supposed "Islamic terrorists" who were supposedly behind 9/11 boarded their flights, was run by Israeli companies, i.e. Israeli intelligence! So, obviously, they don't want us to have an effective security system that's easy on the passengers, and they aren't going to adopt the system used at Israeli airports, even in cases where Israeli intelligence runs security at US airports.

The mess we frequently see at airports, such as the recent fiasco in Newark where a security guard stepped away from his post, knowing that there was a guy nearby who would probably take the opportunity to slip into a secure area nearby to see his girlfriend (thus causing a huge mess throughout the entire air-traffic system) is as bad as it can get without exposing the fact that it is motivated by sadism. The latest escalation is the threat of being subjected to a virtual strip-search and more X-rays, as the result of an apparently deliberate failure to observe existing security procedures. If it had simply taken the "Christmas crotch bomber's" father more seriously, loaded his son's photo into a database, and utilized face recognition software, they would have got the guy before he got on board.

By the way, another form of SRA - housing foreclosures - is about to undergo a revival, thanks to those Satanism-enablers in the White House and Congress. Give yourselves a raise guys - nothing’s too good for Satan's servants.