Friday, January 22, 2010

Memorable quote from military-privatization advocate

I seem to have an ability to sense when someone is about to appear in the news. For example, within the last couple of days I was wondering whether Felix "the rat" Rohatyn had weighed in on that runaway "free trade" success story known as Haiti, and found nothing. But that doesn't mean he wasn't privately gloating.

While on the subject of Haiti, I'd like to take the opportunity to comment on that horrible situation. We knew that Haiti was just a disaster waiting to happen, and that the US military would probably end up doing the heavy lifting in any rescue operation. So, why didn't we make preparations for it, such as to help Haitians protect themselves from collapsing buildings, pre-position emergency supplies, or to build an airport that could handle a large volume of massive aircraft? (I think we should consider developing the capability to parachute individual rations of food, soap, water and other survival supplies by the millions to help people make it until supplies could be brought in by other means. People on the ground would be given adequate warning to prepare for the drops, perhaps with small-scale drops to get their attention.)

But today, I found an article about Rohatyn on the LPAC site, which opens with:

January 22, 2010 (LPAC)—Aging synarchist (French fascist) financier Felix Rohatyn and the Rockefeller Foundation paid for dozens of "big names" to gather yesterday on Capitol Hill under the rubric of "Building America's Future," and endorse Rohatyn's phony project for a so-called "National Infrastructure Bank." "Building America's Future" is a project for privatized infrastructure launched in 2008 by Rohatyn, the Rockefeller Foundation, and post-partisan fascists Arnie "Hitler" Schwarzenegger and Michael "Mussolini" Bloomberg.

The article refers to a 2006 EIR article which reports on a conference on military privatization, and which contains the following startling admission from one of the participants:

The general theme of the conference was summed up by Peter Feaver, the Director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies at Duke University, who stated, at one point, "IN FACT WHAT WE'RE SEEING IS A RETURN TO NEO-FEUDALISM. If you think about how the East India Company played a role in the rise of the British Empire, there are similar parallels to the rise of the American quasi-empire." [emphasis added for SFA blog]

It helps to keep things in perspective by remembering that the American "quasi-empire" is an extension of the British empire.