Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More hoof-beats of galloping fascism

"January 5, 2010 (LPAC)—The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will have the responsibility, under the new health-care bill, to enforce the "individual mandate" under which Americans must purchase health insurance from a private insurance company...."

I guess you could call it "national socialized" medicine, down to the new bedrock of our Constitution, established by the "health care" reform bill - the right of Prince Philip's henchmen to decide what medical treatment we can have, and to declare our lives to be unworthy of living.

The next thing you know they're be telling us we can't have maglev rail technology, because it "costs too much." Tell that to the thousands of people standing around being ritually abused at airports for hours, for the excuse du jour (weather, bomb scare, etc.), when they could be zipping to their destination at speeds that rival aircraft, in incredibly energy-efficient trains with the baggage in separate trains following at a safe distance. So, even if some "Islamic terrorist" managed to get a bomb into the baggage car and blow it up, it wouldn't cause a catastrophe.